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Get Visual with Top Charts

Get Visual with Top Charts! - Promote your collection with collectionHQ and Polaris Content Carousels

By now you know that collectionHQ can be used for much more than just weeding. In fact, the Promote module allows you to run charts of the most popular authors and titles at your library, based on data collected by collectionHQ over the previous month. You can always just print these charts and use them to create a physical display of books, but why not take your promotion to the next level by creating a content carousel through Polaris for your website?

  1. Log in to collectionHQ

  2. Hover over Promote, and click Top Charts.  You can choose Fiction, Non-Fiction or Non-Book and, within the Library section (as opposed to System-wide), subsequently select Top Author Chart, Top Title Chart or Recently Added Titles to create your chart.

  3. For Fiction or Non-Book, select your Library Name and preferred Collection Code using the drop down menus, and create a Report Title if you wish. For Non-Fiction you would select an Audience level and Class Range (Dewey range) instead of Collection Code. For Top Author Chart or Top Title Chart you would also select the Number of Items you’d like on your chart.

    • You can make your chart as general or specific as you like, particularly if your library uses descriptive statistical codes.

    • Did you know that from a marketing standpoint odd numbered lists are more compelling?

  4. Click Run.

  5. Success! You now have a chart that you can print or export for many different uses.

Create your Carousel:

Remember, when you add a carousel of titles to your library’s website, patrons will be able to click on one of the displayed titles and be directed right to the catalog to request it.

  1. Take your new Top 12 (or 8 or 15) Chart to Polaris and create a Bibliographic Record Set (similar to an Item Record Set - select Bibliographic instead of Item for Record Type, and add records by searching).  Name it something meaningful because you will need to locate this record set to create your Content Carousel.  

  2. Within the Polaris client, go to:
    Utilities -> Carousel Toolkit

  3. A window with options will then pop up. Select the Create from Record Set radio button.

  4. Click on the Find tool.

    1. The bibliographic record set find tool will then appear.  Use it to locate the record set you created from the titles in Top Charts.

    2. Double-click on a record set to select it.

    3. The find tool will then disappear.  The record set you selected will be listed.

  1. Select the PAC context you would like to use. In other words, select which library you would like the catalog to highlight for when a patron clicks on one of the titles within the content carousel.

    Click on either the Get iframe code button or the Get source code button.

    1. Get iframe code

      This is the most straightforward option.  However, this option does NOT allow you to customize the appearance of the content carousel.

    2. Get source code

      This option requires additional knowledge of HTML and CSS.  However, this option DOES allow you to customize the appearance of the content carousel.

  1. At that point, the relevant code will appear in the Code box.  You can preview the carousel by clicking on the Preview button.
  2. When you are satisfied with the content of your carousel, click on the Copy to clipboard button.  The code will then be copied, and you can paste it into the relevant page of your website 

Congratulations, you have just used collectionHQ and Polaris to promote your collection!

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