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Sorting & Filtering Search Results in Reports

Sorting & Filtering Search Results in Reports

OK, so you've dipped your toe into the water and run a Collection Check for part of your library's collection. Now what? What you end up with is a list of items that may be lost or missing because they have not circulated in quite a while (read years-four is the default). Glancing at it you may think, 'Well that's not so bad'. It may not be, but take a moment to scroll all the way to the bottom of your list and look at the page numbers. When I ran a report for the 330s at my library the first page was only 1 of 29. And they don't seem to be in any sort of usable order either. Eek! Clean up that mess, and make your life easier by sorting and filtering your results with just a few clicks.

  1. Log in to collectionHQ using your library's login information (you may email collectionHQ@bccls.org if you have trouble logging in)
  2. Hover the cursor over Manage and click on the section you would like analyze: Fiction, Non-Fiction or Non-Book (for our example, click on Non-Fiction)
  3. In the left-hand menu under Collection Maintenance click on Collection Check
  4. Choose your Library, Audience, and Class Range, then click Run (leave other parameters as is) - this will create your “action plan”
  5. After taking a glance at the first page of results to see exactly what you are dealing with, go to the top of the page and next to Layout Options and click on Advanced Options
  6. In Group By choose No Grouping
  7. To the left of the screen you will notice a vertical white bar, with a small grey arrow at the top (>) - click the arrow to open the menu
  8. You may remove any columns (fields) you are not interested in by clicking on the column title in the orange heading and dragging it over to the list of columns on the left (to return a field to your report, just choose it from menu and drag it over)
  9. To change the width of your columns, click on the black triangle in the upper right corner of the orange heading and drag it to the left or right
  10. You may reorganize columns in your report by clicking and dragging the orange field headings to the right or left
  11. To sort your report click on the small blue arrows at the top left of a field heading - you will notice a number appear to the right of the arrow (to reverse sorting by any column just click on the arrow next to this number again, and to discontinue sorting by the column, click on the arrow a third time)
  12. You may also filter your report - for instance, if you would like to change the Last Use Date and Date Added (you may not consider items in your literature collection dusty unless they have not circulated in five years instead of four), click in the 'to' box and use the calendar widget to choose the date you would like (now only items that have not circulated since before this date will be included in your report)
  13. Once filters have been applied (including any filters entered into the white filter boxes below the orange column headers), note that a Filters applied message appears in the upper right of the screen - you may clear your filters at any time by clicking the Clear Filters box that appears next to this message

NOTE: The steps used to sort and filter this report will apply to most of the other reports that can be generated in collectionHQ

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