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Bylaws 02-10-17 Minutes


February 10, 2017 at 10 a.m.

Mahwah Public Library


Present:  Coughlin, Hadeler, LoPinto, McGrail, McMahon, Trause

Absent:  Grover, Hamer


1.  Welcome:  Chair McMahon called the meeting to order at 10:16 a.m.


2.  Motion by Trause to accept the minutes of January 7, 2017 - no objections or discussion.  Chair will post to the Knowledge Base.


3.  Old Business:

          a.  By-Laws Committee recommended changes of meeting of January 27, 2017 tp be presented to the Executive Board on February 8, 2017 and approved for the agenda of March 9, 2017 System Council for a first reading.

          b.  Article V, Section 1, Committees - review and discussion of the article regarding standing committees, i.e. correct nomenclature and whether some committees should be added to the list and others deleted.

          c.  Article XI, Parliamentary Procedure - recommendation to reflect the most current Robert's Rules of Order as Parliamentary authority.

          d.  Article I, Addendum II, BCCLS Procedures - discussion and recommendation to amend language concerning minor infractions and to include failure to meet attendance requirements as item to article, and shift lettering of article organization to reflect this addition.

          e.  Article I, Section 5, Withdrawal, Reduction, Termination of privileges - discussion and recommendation to refine letter b. language, add language regarding digital content and revise letter organization of the article based on these additions.

          f.  Article I, Addendum I, Minimum Floor Space - the committee recommends removal of this article and renaming of Addendum II to Addendum I.

          g.  Article III, Section 2, President - revise voting procedure to reflect secure online voting.

          h.  Article III, Section 4, Treasurer - amend duties to reflect serving as Chair of Finance Committee.

          i.  Article III, Section 6, Officers - it is recommended that this section be added and include the designation of authorized signing officers for the BCCLS organization.

          j.  Article III, Section 7, Table of Organization - formerly section 6.

          k.  Article I, Section 3, Other Libraries - further research needed on naming of the library network in the article.  Discussion and recommendation to amend approval of a new library for membership by 2/3 majority of current member libraries Boards of Trustees.

          l.  Article I, Section 2, Purpose - revise language of purpose and provide specificity regarding the definition of BCCLS Services concerning resource sharing identified in the purpose statement.  This section is to be revised for consideration by a special meeting of the Executive Board on Thursday, February 23, 2017.

          m.  Except as noted above in item 1, all other recommendations to be documented by the Chair will be submitted for consideration at the next regular meeting of the Executive Board.

          n.  Review of Pay Cards and current contracts for library services in consideration of the recommendations by this committee to Section 1, Article 2, Purpose defining BCCLS Services.  Discussion ensued regarding application of same.


4.  New Business:

          Executive Director Coughlin provided a recap of non-compliance issues regarding member library and the recommendation by the Executive Board for consideration at the next System Council.


5.  Next Meeting - Thursday, February 16, 2017 at the BCCLS Office at 9:30 a.m.



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