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LAMP Committee Minutes 2.02.2017

BCCLS LAMP Committee Meeting
Thursday, February 2, 2017 Washington Township - 9:30am

- This was the first committee meeting for this newly formed committee. The meeting began 9:43am

- The members of the committee introduced themselves. Some of them previously served on CALM and/or Personnel, others have served on other BCCLS committees. (Present: Gretchen Kaser, Chair/Ho-Ho-Kus, Sai Rao/North Bergen, Lina Podles/Hoboken, Laura Rifkin/Washington Township, Marie Coughlin/BCCLS, Stephanie Bellucci/Cliffside Park, Monica Smith/Hawthorne, Mike Banick/Millburn) (Absent: Kelly Fitzgerald/Weehawken & Susan Kumar/Palisades Park)

- Committee Chair, Gretchen Kaser reviewed with the committee the charges set forth. She gave a re-cap of what the CALM and Personnel committees accomplished in 2016. LAMP will primarily handle trustee and director focused events.

- LAMP is the combo of CALM and Personnel. Members of the committee discussed what they liked best about each of those committees and what can be eliminated. The Community Circle Breakfasts are something that will definitely remain.

- The committee discussed the charge of sending out the annual salary/benefits survey. The committee will send directors information on how to input the information. The committee will meet with Laurie from BCCLS to discuss data entry and retention. Due to the many recent modifications to the survey, no new fields will be added to this year's survey. Additionally, the survey will roll out earlier to give Directors more time to complete and Laurie more time to collate the figures. Discussion also took place about giving directors instructions on how to export the finalized survey out of the Knowledge Base should they wish to prepare a report of their own for their board, etc.

- The committee discussed contracting with an HR consultant for the use of all BCCLS libraries. Would the costs involved be a pass through cost? How many libraries would want this service? Whom would we hire - a service (paycheck companies sometimes offer this service), a consultancy group, an individual, etc.? Since cost and use were major factors in this discussion the committee felt it should begin with a low/no cost preliminary way to offer HR assistance to directors. A document and/or workshop/webinar would be prepared to show directors where HR assistance is available from vendors they may already use. The committee could also reach out to local HR consultant groups to see if they would be willing to offer BCCLS group pricing for libraries that would contract with them privately. In order to prepare the committee should find out what libraries already have consultant contracts or HR personnel on staff.

- Last year's personnel committee hosted a progressive discipline workshop via The Madison Group, which was extremely well received. The committee decided to potentially hire TMG to host another director only administration workshop. The topic for the workshop was discussed. Mike Banick stated that lots of workshops have been center around discipline and problem employees, perhaps we could show directors how to incentivize their staffs for a job well done. Monic Smith thought staff evaluations or how to interview job candidates would be well attending. Someone mentioned the topic of adapting to change. TMG has a menu of topics from which to choose. Based on the committee input and the TMG topics, Laura Rifkin will send out a survey to directors with all of the potential topics and at our next meeting we will discuss the results and choose one. TMG would need about 8 weeks' notice to prepare a topic if it is not one they already offer. There is also the possibility co-sponsor with Professional Development if a topic is chosen that appeals to more than just directors.

- A preliminary 2017 LAMP calendar of events was set up. Directors on the committee offered their libraries as locations where available. Libraries in central locations with parking were also considered as follows:
o New Director Orientation - 5/24 @ 9:30am (North Bergen)
o Community Circle Breakfasts (3 in spring & 2 in fall). Gretchen will handle notification and sign-up. She will open sign-up for the 3/3 session immediately. Spring Dates/Topics: 1. General Topics (outcome of this session will determine breakfast topics for fall along with another general topics during those breakfasts) - 3/3 @ 9:30 (Maywood) [Reached out to RIVE for this breakfast location but they were booked. Thank you to Maywood for hosting.]
2. Union/Civil Service - 5/16 @ 9:30 (Hawthorne)
3. Progressive Discipline - 6/6 @ 9:30 (Washington Township) >Fall dates TBD
o Climbing the Ladder: Is directorship for you? – 9/13 @ 9:30am (Location TBD)
o The Madison Group Program: Topic TBD – 11/1 @ 9:30 (Location TBD)

- Next meeting of LAMP was set for 3/3 @ 11:45am at Maywood (immediately following the Community Circle Breakfast). LAMP Committee meetings will also take place: 4/6 @ 9:30 (North Bergen) 6/14 @ 9:30 (BCCLS)

- The meeting adjourned at 11:09am

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