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03-17: Non-Fiction DVDs

Non-Fiction DVDs

Currently the most popular form of visual media in libraries, DVDs may soon become extinct.

Just as VHS faded away, so will DVDs. It's important to have a fresh, topical collection in good working condition. Non-fiction DVDs that are worn and scratched, have dated cover art or topics long left behind are just going to take up shelf space. Just like your non-fiction print collection, it is important to ensure your non-fiction DVD collection also remains current and provides timely and accurate information.

Does anyone still want to exercise with Richard Simmons or learn to Bedazzle?

 CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries - 2/1/WORST

Examine closely after 150-200 circs, weed DVDs that are not circulating at least once a year.

Replace worn copies of popular titles.

Worn out, Out of date, Rarely used, Supplied elsewhere, Trivial or faddish

Areas to consider weeding:

  • Computer
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Exercise
  • Test prep
  • Hobbies/DIY/crafting how-tos

Suggestions for Weeding


Suggestions for Purchase

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