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Popular Author Summary

Popular Author Summary

Looking to do a display of the most popular authors that circulate at your library or throughout BCCLS? Perhaps, you are considering ordering more titles from a particular popular author? Here are the simple steps to make that possible.

  1. Log in to collectionHQ

  2. Hover over Manage

  3. Click on Fiction

  4. Select Collection Demand

  5. Choose Popular Author Summary

  6. Leave Dataset Name as the most recent date

  7. Leave Region Name as All, unless you are one of the libraries with a branch, in which case you would select your town

  8. For Library Name, select your library

  9. Pick the Audience – for this example, we will use Juvenile

  10. Click Run

  11. The top 100 Juvenile authors at your library for the past 12 months will be listed

  12. collectionHQ recommends that you have a target amount of at least 25% of these popular authors' titles on your shelves – if the provision for any falls below this target, the Available for Loan % will be highlighted in red, and there will be a number in the Items to Achieve Target column

  13. Sort by Available for Loan % to see which authors' titles are below the 25% target

  14. Click on the link to author's top titles to see which titles you own for any particular popular author in your report – you will see how many Copies of each title were at your library as of the most recent dataset, as well as how much circulation each title achieved in the past 12 months (Time Frame Circulation) and in its lifetime (once we reach 5 years with collectionHQ, Lifetime Circulation will reflect circulation for the past 5 years only)

  15. Sort by Time Frame Circulation to see which titles were most popular during the past year or by Average Months in System to see the titles that were added to your collection more recently

  16. For any author whose title provision is below the target, you have a few options:

    1. If there is a certain title from an author that is especially popular because of, say, a book club, you might choose to wait a month or two, and the need to replenish that author's titles will subside (or you might wait regardless, just to see if the situation corrects itself as items are returned to your library)

    2. You might order another copy of one or two more popular titles and/or recently added titles to see if that helps you meet the target provision of 25% for any particular author

    3. While you are viewing an author's top titles for your library, you can click the link above this report to see the System-wide View (titles owned throughout BCCLS of that author) – this will list the number of copies for each title in the libraries for which that author is a popular author, and you might choose to order a title from this list that you didn't previously own, either by sorting by Average Months in System to find more recently acquired titles by that author, or by simply selecting titles acquired at any time that have a relatively high Time Frame Circulation that your library doesn't currently own (as always, double check against Polaris, especially if it's near the end of the month, since holdings information is only as current as the dataset date)

  17. Don't forget, you can also use this report to do a display of some of your popular authors – you can display the most popular of the 100, the least popular of the 100 to try to encourage more circulation there, or a few random authors within the list, whatever you prefer

  18. You can compare your list with the list of BCCLS popular authors to see which ones are unique to your community by looking at the System Wide Popular Author Summary for whichever Audience level you choose

NOTE: This report directly reflects your linking in Polaris, so if you are viewing the Juvenile report and looking at a particular author's titles, and you have other titles by that author linked as Teen/YA or Adult, they will not necessarily appear on the Juvenile list (and vice versa). If you don't see a title listed, that doesn't necessarily mean you don't own it - double check Polaris to make sure. However, uncovering such discrepancies in linking/shelving between libraries might prompt you to consider moving titles from one audience level to another, if you see that they are circulating better at other libraries in another Audience level.

BONUS: You might consider using this report to free up shelf space as well, even though that is not what it was designed for. If you sort by highest to lowest Available for Loan % instead of lowest to highest, you will see popular authors whose titles are either all or almost all sitting on the shelves. Decide what you consider to be a high percentage, and then go to the shelf and take a look. Are there multiple copies of certain titles that could be weeded or moved to storage to free up shelf space? Are there copies that are in poor condition that could be repaired, replaced, or removed? You decide. This report can help you tackle some cluttered shelves in order to free up 'real estate' for newer or more popular items!

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