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Professional Development Committee 02-28-17 Minutes

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee

Washington Township Library

February 28, 2017 meeting

In attendance were: Allison Moonitz, Melissa Brisbin, Jennifer Cullen, Morgan Taylor, Lina Podles, Irene Langlois, Chelsea Dodd, Rebecca Karpoff, Laura Rifkin, Veronica Potenza, and Arlene Sahraie.

Meeting was called to order at 9:34am

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed.  A motion was made by Lina Podles, seconded by Jennifer Cullen, to approve the minutes from the January 30, 2017 meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

A report was given by the Committee Chair letting everyone know that she had been in touch with the current instructor for the supervisor training program, Marzena Ermler.  The conversation addressed the opportunity to run individual topic oriented programs 2-3 times a year rather than a single year long supervisor training program in the 2017 – 2018 year.  The discussion went well and Ms. Ermler looks forward to hearing more details.  Ms. Moonitz also let the committee know that she had sent out a save the date to Directors/supervisors of those students in the 2017 supervisor class, for the final class/graduation ceremony.

Discussion was had concerning the responses received from the Directors only and general staff surveys that had been sent out earlier in February.  It was agreed that based on the information received that the Directors were not in favor of the training program being run each year, and so the next academic year would focus on larger scale training opportunities for the whole consortium.  The idea of sending out an email to students and Directors from the 1st class to gauge the success rate of the program was brought up.  It was agreed that based on the information received in the general survey, that Ms. Moonitz would reach out to the committee chairs best connected to program suggestions with our findings.

The committee went into a discussion on the charges for the year, presentation of those charges and assignments.  The following was agreed that:

-          Allison & Laura will draft a welcome e-mail for new BCCLS gmail account holders.  This email will list links for tutorials on basic gmail features and navigating the BCCLS staff webpage which are located on the KnowledgeBase.  This was discussed with Laurie Meeske from the BCCLS office and should be easy to implement.

-          The committee would utilize our recent survey results to create a list of topics to be considered for the BCCLS Con event in November. 

-          The Committee would research 2-3 customer service oriented topics to be done as in person training workshops in 2017.  Allison will reach out to Marzena Ermler to speak of prices for 1/2day workshops (as it was indicated on our survey that those would be the best attended).

-          The committee would design two monthly flyers. 

  • The first will be a recap of any Professional Development workshops/events occurring in the next month.  April will be the first month for this flyer, and Allison and Morgan will be working on this first edition. 
  • The second flyer will be topic related (future topics to be outlined at the March meeting), and will provide lists of available resources (from the BCCLS KB, and Lynda Pro) as a reminder of their existence each month.  April will be the first month for this flyer as well, and it was agreed that the topic would be Customer Service.  It was further agreed that the flyer would be split into two sections General Staff and Director/Supervisor.   

A discussion was had concerning the New Professionals breakfast which is normally held in June.  It was agreed that Allison would reach out to the Franklin Lakes Library to look into dates, and that she would report back to us at the March meeting.

It was confirmed that our next meeting would take place on March 30th @ 2pm at the Wyckoff Library.  It was agreed that our April meeting could be done via collaboration online, but an in person meeting would take place on May 22 @ 2pm Location TBD. 

The meeting was closed at 11:21am.


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