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04-17: VHS and Cassettes

VHS and Cassettes

Did you know there are 3892 item records in Polaris that are linked to 2264 bib. records for VHS and cassette tapes? Every BCCLS library has at least one of these items, so don't think this weeding tip isn't for you!

While there may be a few stragglers out there who still have some VHS or cassette tapes (local history collections, I'm looking at you), I'm guessing that many of these results don't accurately reflect what is in your collections and will require additional scrutiny.

They could be for phantom items - records that were not properly withdrawn when the items were discarded, or maybe just things that have disappeared over the years and have been missed on weeding reports. There are also likely a fair number of mislinked items - just a quick glance over my search results showed items with “DVD” in the call number but linked to VHS records. Finally, there might be some bib. records that are incorrect or incomplete, which can be fixed with your help by submitting a Database Error Report.

So how do I find out which of these items belong to my library? It's actually very simple.

In the item records find tool, limit by “Type of material” and then select “Audio Book on Cassette”, “Book + Cassette”, or “Videotape” (or hold down CTRL and left click to select them all at once).

IMPORTANT: “Type of Material” is different from “Material Type”, as illogical as that sounds. Make sure you select the correct one or you won't be able to run the search on the correct parameters.

Also, in order to only get the results for your library, you can limit the search further in the “Branches” tab by clicking on “Unselect All” and then checking only your location

If you'd like to create a record set from your results so you can more easily manipulate them later, you can do this in the Settings tab by checking “Send Results to a New Record Set” and then giving it a name.

To make sure you get all the results for your location, I would recommend searching by Barcode and putting a * for the search parameter.

Now click “Search” and let the fun begin!

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