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P&P Meeting Minutes: March 2, 1017

BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting

Thursday, March 2, 2017, 10 am

BCCLS Office

Attendance: Breuer, Brisbin, Danhart, Diamond, DiLeo, Doto, Dutta, Fletcher, McMahon, Rando, Reiff, Sarr

Meeting was called to order by Jennifer Breuer at 9:58 am.

Minutes from February 2 meeting were reviewed and approved.


Books on hold at the borrowing library went missing. It is assumed that when a library receives an item on loan, it is taking responsibility for it. No changes to the P&P manual needed at this time.

Old Business

Items discussed in Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb will be presented to the Executive Board.

New Business

a.  Joint committee meetings (CDRC and YSC)

Tentatively the joint meeting will be held in the month of May. CDR may want to discuss the submission guidelines for SkyRiver. Jennifer will correspond with the committees to find the agenda and do preliminary work before the meeting.

b.  Revisit: multipiece item policy

Addressing the issue of linking books with multiple volumes but single ISBN -   The whole set should circulate as one item or be uncataloged.

c.  Email loans for courtesy cards

Unlike pay card holders, courtesy card holders have ILL borrowing privileges through catalog at some BCCLS libraries willing to honor the cards.  Pending work being done by by-laws regarding pay cards, this policy and procedure may need to be revisited along with other restricted patron statuses.

Committee discussion

High Replacement Cost of Items

The replacement cost of items is assigned by BCCLS P&P committee based on average values published by Library Journal each year to keep it consistent  BCCLS wide. It is at the owning library’s discretion to accept a replacement of the item if the price seems high.

Polaris Update

Searching algorithm of Polaris is going to be improved in the near future.

The Meeting ended at 11:20 am

Next Meeting : Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Time: 10 am Location: BCCLS Office

Respectfully submitted by Deepti Dutta


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