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P&P Minutes from August 3, 2017

BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 3, 2017, 10 am

BCCLS Office

Attendance: Breuer, Brisbin, Danhart, DiLeo, Doto, Dutta, Fletcher, Grgurev, Lozauskas, McMahon, Rando, Reiff

Absent: Sarr

  1. Meeting was called to order by Jennifer Breuer at 10:05 am.

  2. Minutes from June 9, 2017 meeting were reviewed and approved.

  3. New Business:

    1. Standardizing phone number & address: Request was made to standardize Patron's phone number and address in Polaris. Since a standard is difficult to maintain when patrons register online, suggestion will be made to Polaris to provide parenthesis for phone numbers and pop-up suggestions for standardized addresses based on postal service recommendations.

  1. Patron Barcode Change re: Cloud library: Patron barcode change affects the access to Cloud library. If the patron uses eBCCLS, use the Patron Barcode Change Support Form found on the Support Form page of the BCCLS Staff website to report the patron's barcode change. This will enable BCCLS staff to migrate any eholdings from the patron's previous to current patron IDs.This will be added to the procedures for lost cards and patron moving between libraries. A reminder can be sent out in Polaris Post.

As a follow up from June meeting at Hasbrouck Heights, e-Content update has to be made to the Knowledge Base.

  1. Shadowing items in the catalog: There are still some VHS and cassettes linked to bibliographic records as “shadowed” items. These items do not have “the display in PAC” box checked in the item's record.  As a result, there have been instances, where even though the PAC shows an item with 0 of 0 availability, when a request was made a VHS/cassette filled the hold. An email will be sent out, requesting the libraries who wish to retain their VHS or cassette collection to move these records to “uncataloged items” by October 15. If libraries have a large collection to be moved, they can contact the BCCLS office for help. After October 15, these items will be moved to 'uncataloged' bibliographic records by BCCLS catalogers.

The VHS or cassettes which belong to local history or are a part of a special collection are exempt from this procedure.

At this time there is no policy addressing 'Shadowed' items. The committee will work to define what can be included here and how long it can stay there.

  1. Setting a standard for damaged material: The condition of a damaged or poor condition item should be noted by the item owning library with date and staff initial. It can be accompanied by a free text block in Polaris. Libraries are discouraged from mending/fixing other library's items. A Recommendation can be included under the 'Damaged, Incomplete, and/or Mislinked Materials'.

  1. Fine Caps on Hot Spots: Each library has set a different overdue fine for lending Hot Spots. Following suggestions were made.

    1. Call Innovative to check if the term 'local fine' can be added so that the libraries can add fines according to their local policy.

    2. Take a refundable deposit before lending the Hot Spot.

    3. When adding 'Manual fine' add notes to patron's record as well as to the fine record.

For 4 month bill, when adding a fine manually, use 'Replacement Cost' instead of 'Manual fine' from the drop down menu, which can then be sent by check to the item owning library. This will be revisited in September.

  1. Change September Meeting Date: P&P meeting date was changed from September 8 to Wednesday, September 6, 2017 (10 am) at BCCLS office.

  1. Any Other New Business:

    1.  Resetting due dates of other libraries items is not a good practice and is discouraged.

    2.  Restricted Card Requirements will be discussed in September.

  1. Old Business

    1. 3rd Overdue Notice- Review Recommended Change in Wordage:

The following was approved -

'You may be charged full replacement cost of the item if the item is not returned within 90 days of the due date'

The Due Date is not included on the bill, Eric will check if pulling the due date field was possible.

  1. Items left unclaimed - draft policy:

Items which never made it home after being put in transit or other items which were sent out and have not been received back at the home library will be termed 'MIA Materials' (missing in action). A monthly report will be available for these and a 4 month bill will be issued where the home library can bill the library which last held the item. After 6 months of the last check in date, the owning library will forfeit the right to bill for the item. No refunds can be issued once the payment has been made. If the item is found, the finding/borrowing library may keep it or send it to the home library. A new format for the bill will be generated.

  1. Any other old business:

    1. Staff Directory should be updated regularly. The format should be - 'Last Name, First Name'. It will be moved to a password protected document in the future.

The Meeting ended at 12:25 pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at 10 am @ BCCLS office

Respectfully submitted by Deepti Dutta


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