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Setting up Scheduling

Setting up Scheduling

Only a few libraries have taken advantage of the scheduling feature in collectionHQ. This can be a great tool! It can send reminders about reports to individual departments, can help directors and/or supervisors keep track of what reports are accessed, and in general keep you on track with maintaining your collection. You can even schedule reports to yourself which is a great help for reports which do not need attention EVERY month.

The setup can be intimidating, but it's a one time thing. Once the emails are set up and they have also been set up as users in cHQ, all the heavy lifting is done. To use scheduling, you will need to decide who you would like to have scheduling privileges and what emails you would like set-up as cHQ users. All email addresses for this project MUST be library specific and not individual. So, for example, LIBRARYjuv@LIBRARY.bccls.org or cataloging@LIBRARY.bccls.org, etc. The director email and main circ emails for everyone are already set up as users on cHQ. If you wish other library emails (which already exist) to be set up on cHQ as users, email collectionHQ@bccls.org with the request. If you want to create new library email addresses, the director must email a request to support@bccls.org. After the addresses have been created, they can be added as cHQ users.


  • Once all the prep is done, log in to collectionHQ with the account which has been designated with the ability to schedule. Multiple accounts can be given this permission.
  • Click the Administration link in the upper right corner of the screen. This will take you to the Administration Module. Schedule Management is the 3rd set of options. The first one listed is the Schedule Management Tool. This is where you can select reports, assign them, and set frequency, but before diving into that, a visit to the Default Users for Branches will be helpful.
  • In Default Users for Branches, select your Branch in the left column and then, in the right column, select the users you will most often be scheduling reports for in cHQ. Click Save.
  • Return to the Schedule Management Tool screen. The main part of the screen will be filled with the next year's worth of datasets and the reports which are already scheduled for them. On the left is a list of the different cHQ modules. Click on a module to see the available reports. Click on the + by the report to add it to the schedule. Follow the prompts to select when you want the report scheduled, how often, for which collection(s), and which branch. When you get to Assign Users, look for “Assign default users to branches” in the lower left of the screen. If you click this it will assign ALL the default users for the branch that you selected. It's an easy shortcut to avoid scrolling through ALL the users in BCCLS. Simply uncheck the ones for your branch (if any) which you do NOT wish to get this report.
  • The next tab will be Add Notes. You can add any notes here. If the email this will be sent to is checked by multiple people, a note about who is responsible for the report might be helpful. If you are using a general circ email and want the email to be forwarded to an individual email, you can note that here.


  • So your director or supervisor has set up the scheduling and now you need to find it when you log in to cHQ. Log in as you normally would, and look to the top left of the screen.
  • There will be two buttons: Dashboard and My Schedule. Click My Schedule to open the schedule. It will show reports scheduled for this dataset and the upcoming year.
  • Click on a scheduled report to get details, click on the report name to jump to that report with the parameters that were set when scheduled. Click Run and do what needs to be done.
  • Return to “My Schedule” to click the completed box when you have finished what you need to do for that report. (Don't forget this step!)

**ATTENTION ALL SCHEDULING ADMINISTRATORS: Autocomplete is a feature cHQ implemented recently which removes the need for users to mark their reports as completed themselves. This feature will automatically mark reports as completed when the link is clicked within the email notification for that report. It can be either ON or OFF for the entire BCCLS system, but it is not a library specific setting. Based on feedback from the scheduling administrators throughout BCCLS, the preference is to keep this setting OFF for the time being. Please do NOT change this setting, as that will affect scheduling workflow for all BCCLS libraries.

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