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Technology Committee Meeting Minutes, 10-30-17 DRAFT

BCCLS Technology Committee Meeting
Leonia Public Library

In attendance:


Matthew Latham, Co-Chair – Leonia

Radwa Ali, Co-Chair - Bogota

Morgan Taylor, New Co-Chair! – Glen Rock

Eric Lozauskas – BCCLS

Sara Keegan - Rutherford

Holly Belli - Bloomfield

Hannah Sweetser - West Caldwell

Katie Neylan - Upper Saddle River

Rita Browning - Cresskill

Veronica Potenza - Wyckoff


10:10 AM - Meeting Begins

We begin by discussing the Finalized Catalog Report, which will be shared at the next Executive Board meeting on Nov. 8. Report summary: Shows three options-- Bibliocommons, SoPAC, and Innovative: Accelerated Development. The first two options are not feasible and the Tech Committee recommends going with Innovative. Eric suggests changes to the report and they are noted by Morgan.


We discuss the November Tech Talk, which will now be done by Morgan and Veronica, who will replace Hannah.


The deadline for Analytics on Demand is discussed, it is Tuesday, Oct. 31. Libraries can join anytime in 2018. Currently, the cost is $1500 per library per year. So far 12 libraries have signed up.


Credit cards have officially been approved. The BCCLS office will begin work on opening a bank account, etc., led by Eric. The timeline will be dependant on the staffing of the office.


The Tech Committee has determined it will cancel its November meeting. The next meeting will be held Friday, Dec. 8, at 2PM in Leonia.


The Tech Committee then discusses the last System Council, sharing the following highlights:

  • CCs passed

  • CollectionHQ will be discontinued

  • Cindy Czesak from Paterson library will be filling in as Interim Director for BCCLS.

  • Committee structural changes


Committee Structural Changes:

Marie and Kurt have proposed a new committee structure. This will affect the Tech Committee, as the Tech Committee will be merging with the eBCCLS Task Force. Together, the committees will be forming sub-committees to explore digital services and tech. It is unclear whether this merged committee will handle the ordering of digital materials, as this was a task for the eBCCLS Task Force up until this point. More details on this re-structuring will be shared by Kurt in November, and changes most likely won’t take place until around April 2018.


Future of Tech Committee

Matt wants to discuss where we see the Tech Committee going. So far, we agree on the following:

12 Tech Tips

3 Webinars/Tech Talks

3 In-person trainings/programs

After 2018, we will send out evaluations to see how this new format is received. We will also do self-evaluations.


We again also discussed the idea of working with NJLA for professional development ideas.


Before planning for the following year, the committee decides to wait for the first meeting in January, at Eric’s suggestion.


We discuss holding a Maker Unconference again: Matt says he will reach out to the Youth Services committee to determine if they can provide a Task Force in order to help with the Maker Unconference, which should be held in early February (possibly the 7 or 14) to allow attendees time to plan for Makers Day.


We also have to share with Kurt what we think our charges are. Matt will reach out to the eBCCLS Task Force to see what their chargers are and go from there.


Next year, we will also have to discuss how to proceed with Innovative: Accelerated Development to start improving our catalog. We will also be charged with evaluating SkyRiver and Beanstack.


Other Ideas for Tech Committee 2018:


-Self checkout kiosks and digital services kiosks (Hannah)

-RFID (Radwa)

-Security, Firewall applications (Eric)


The Committee has decided it needs more members. We are going to speak to Kurt about active recruitment and our ideal committee member number, which is 25 people. We also discussing being honest with BCCLS membership about the amount of work and time away from the library the committee requires, as well as sharing meeting dates more often with members (perhaps including future meeting dates in each agenda email).


Matt and Morgan will be working on a recruitment flyer, with assistance from Sara.


Regular Business:


Nicholas’ Tech Tip for November is ready to go and will be sent out in the beginning of the month.


The minutes from last month’s meeting have been approved by Sara and seconded by Hannah.


The Dec. 8 meeting will be a wrap-up/Pizza Party!


Before the end of October’s meeting, the Committee says goodbye to Hannah and Radwa, who will be taking positions outside of BCCLS. Good luck to both of them!


Meeting adjourns at 11:30 AM.


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