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02.08.18 DTF Agenda





Location: Glen Rock Public Library, 315 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452

Time: 9:30 a.m. 


- Introductions

- Summary of the Issue

- Charges as set forth by Kurt Hadeler, BCCLS Executive Board President

o   Immediate Concern #1: How do we retrieve, sort and deliver the items that are currently stuck in a warehouse. What's the best method (volunteers, movers, delivery company, etc); what will it cost us; how long will it take?

o   Intermediate Concern #2: Evaluate the necessity, options and cost for local delivery over the next 3-9 months.  Do we need delivery over the next few months if Expak continues the status quo; should we assume Expak will meet our needs once the backlog is cleaned up; do we want a local delivery over the summer while LLNJ transitions to a new vendor?  What is the best method?  What will it cost the members, and how will the costs be allocated?  How long would it take to implement?

o   Long-term Concern #3: Evaluate the necessity, options and cost for long-term local delivery.  Do we need to maintain parallel delivery systems if statewide delivery is operational?  What is our contingency plan if statewide delivery is not operational for any reason.  What is the best method?  What will it cost members, how will the cost be allocated.


- Timeline

o  DTF Meeting Dates: 2/15 & 2/22 (others TBD)

o  Executive Board – 2/28

o  System Council – 3/29


- Re: concern # 1, what variables have already been considered and what should we consider?

o  Grassroots

o  Outside Vendors (paid vs. non-paid)

o  Budget


- Re: concern # 2, what variables have already been considered and what should we consider?

o  Double vendors in play, for how long

o  Budget


- Date and place of next meeting – 2/15 @ 9:30am (Mahwah Public Library)


Members: Stephanie Bellucci, Peter Coyl, Kurt Hadeler, Judah Hamer, Grectchen Kaser, Sarah Lester, Terrie McColl, Gerry McMahon, Ellen O'Keefe, Cindy Czesak/Eric Lozauskas

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