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Article II: Governance

Section 1. System Council

The System Council will consist of the directors of the full member libraries or their designated delegate. It will meet a minimum of four times annually. The System Council will be responsible for election of members to the Executive Board and will vote on policies and other matters, including the budget, brought to its attention by the Executive Board. A simple majority of members of the System Council shall constitute a quorum at all meetings.

Section 2: Executive Board

  1. Election and Term: There shall be an Executive Board, which shall consist of twelve members, nine of which shall be library directors from the System Council. Trustees from the library boards of the member libraries shall fill two positions. One member of the Executive Board shall be appointed by the Bergen County Executive each year.

    Nine positions on the Executive Board shall be comprised of library directors who are elected by the directors of the full member libraries.  The nominating process for directors who would like to run for election will be open, so that any library director may self-nominate should he/she wish to run for election to the Executive Board.  The Nominations Committee will not mediate whose name is/is not placed on the ballot.  These nine Executive Board members will be elected for three year terms.  The Nominations Committee will hereafter be reconfigured as the Election Committee, to reflect that the annual charges of this committee will be managing the election process.

    Directors are ineligible to run for two consecutive terms.  They must wait a minimum of one year prior to running for election after serving a full three-year term.  Directors who fill an unexpired term of eighteen months or less are eligible to run for election at the end of their partial term.

    In September 2016 a specially structured election will be held to fill seven vacant positions in a way that configures the nine elected Board positions so that thereafter three positions will be open for election annually.  In the 2016 election, one position will be filled by a director running for a one-year term, expiring 12/31/2017; three positions will be filled by directors running for two year terms, expiring 12/31/2018; and three positions will be filled by directors running for a standard three-year term, expiring 12/31/2019.  This specially structured election will set up a rotation so that going forward three Board positions will open up annually. 

    Elections for the Executive Board will take place via online secured voting. The vote shall be cast by each library's director.  In the event there is no sitting director or a library director is unable to participate in online voting, it is incumbent that the President of the Library Board or the Director notify the Executive Director of BCCLS in advance.  Elections will be scheduled over a one week period to provide ample opportunity for directors or their designees to vote.  Elections will commence at the System Council meeting in September. 

    The Executive Board shall meet at least six times a year.

    Trustees from the library boards of the member libraries shall fill two positions. Appointments shall be for a calendar year on a rotational basis: Rotation order of libraries shall be determined by lottery, picked by the President of the System. The selection of the individual trustees to serve will be made by local Boards after a library is selected in the lottery. Trustee members shall be selected from among only those trustees listed on the Public Library Statistical Report and only that trustee selected may serve as a member of the Executive Board. The rotation shall not permit the director and a trustee from the same library to serve simultaneously.

    Should a library's board of trustees decline to serve when selected, it may do so, and will be eligible for the next drawing. Should a vacancy occur the library board from the municipality may appoint a replacement from its number to fulfill the unexpired term.

    After two unexcused consecutive absences from a Board meeting, the offending member will be informed in writing that his/her pattern of non-participation is unacceptable and that he/she has forfeited the Board position.

  2. Duties: The Executive Board shall have the authority and responsibility to recommend the annual budget and schedule of fees, with input from the Executive Director, to the System Council for approval; develop and recommend policies and programs, with input from the Executive Director, to the System Council for approval; Recommend plans and priorities for program development, with input from the Executive Director, to the System Council for approval; advise the Executive Director on the interpretation of policies, plans, and budget schedules, as approved by the System Council, and authorize the operating procedures for the implementing of same; Review the Annual Report prepared by the Executive Director for submission to the System Council. 

Section 3. Vacancies

Any elected vacancies on the Executive Board occurring between annual fall meetings shall be filled by a general election to complete the unexpired term not later than thirty (30) days after the vacancy occurs.

 Addendum:    Trustee Rotation on the Executive Board 

**On June 16, 2016, System Council voted to change from a rotational system to an all-elected Executive Board except for the two rotational trustees.

Year Serving Trustee 1 Trustee 2
2017 Livingston New Milford
2018 TBD TBD
2019 TBD TBD



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