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02-18: *Special* Delivery Deliverance Displays

Delivery Deliverance Displays

Books piling up at your library? Circ down? As the delivery doldrums impact our circulation numbers and weaken a popular service, parts of our collections are unavailable, and our back rooms are filled with boxes or shelves of “floating collections” from other libraries...

To assist with these challenges, instead of offering the usual 'weeding tip', the Collection Development and Reference Committee has gathered ideas and strategies to free up shelf space and to get the collections circulating as we wait for this debacle to resolve itself.

Carts, upon Carts of Floating Items

Floating items means all these outside materials were in demand. In the past few weeks, patrons requested each floater. In other words, these items should continue to travel. You have it, but can your patrons see it? Make sure these items are visible and/or accessible to your patrons, so they can keep on floating!

Hot Items Cart

Have not seen your copy of XYZ in ages….take a look in the floating collection and pull copies of those books your patrons are always asking for. (For us it has been Wonder, Dog Man, and Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane - multiple copies of all of these were sitting in the floating collection and are now out with patrons again.)

Alternatively, you can make a hot items display, without using a cart, of course…

And here's another display to get those floating items out the door. This one has been refilled a couple times in the last month.


With so many hot titles unavailable, now is the time for this collection to shine. Pick a narrator, pick a genre, pick a theme, anything that you can draw on to make a display! Also, throw the media from your floating collection on one cart near the circulation desk- especially before the weekend.

Books into Movies

This is a great way to free up some shelf space in both your book AND movie sections. You can pull titles at random or check out one of the following lists for ideas:

From Page to Screen

From Page to Screen 2

From Page to Screen 3

Can't Believe You Missed These!

I sometimes use this for getting one last circ out of new books after they come out of new, before they go back in the regular collection, but it could really be used for anything.

Cozy Books Display

Include knitting, baking, soup cookbooks, cozy mysteries.

Get Mellow with Yellow

Grab a few yellow books, and put them on display! It's that simple... you might consider a fun display with 'golden' books instead, if you prefer.

Hello My Name Is...

This one is super easy… print out a sign similar to the image below (or make one of your own), and pull out any biographies, autobiographies, or memoirs with the subject's name as the title (or at least featured in large and bold text on the cover). This can cross audience levels to include adult, teen or children's titles, and can even include multiple formats (books, audiobooks, movies). You can even branch out into mythology, fairy tales, and folklore to really pull from different sections (think Cinderella, Medusa, Beowulf, etc.) Get as creative as you can!

Island of Lost Books

The display doesn't have to be fancy - just put them out, and your patrons will rescue them! You can use this as a way to give books that have low circ some attention, or even as a way to highlight those floating items that are 'lost' at your library.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Get those green books off your shelves…

...and don't forget, St. Patty's Day is just around the corner!

Last Chance Display (before it goes Dead, Dusty, etc.)

You can use the DOA report in collectionHQ to get ideas for titles, or customize a report in Simply Reports that focuses on items that haven't circulated and would be on the cusp of being weeded. This can be used for any format or age level, so you can really free up space in a variety of areas, and hopefully get those coveted circ numbers in the process!

Orange You Going To Take Me Home?

You guessed it... pull out those orange books and make a fun sign for a quick and easy (and colorful) display!


This is a great way to highlight new titles, even ones from those floating collections. Pull them out and put them as close to the entrance as you can!

Red Any Good Books Lately?

Another quick and easy one - if it's red, grab it and put it on display!

These Books Blue Us Away

Yet another quick and easy color themed display - grab those blue books and put them out!

Where's My Shirt?

This is a great way to free up shelf space, since there are so many titles that would be candidates for this display! Get your Romance collection moving out the door!

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