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05 Article V: Committees

Section 1. Committees

The Executive Board may function as a committee of the whole, may use the standing committees, or may establish additional standing committees.

The BCCLS President, in consultation with the Executive Director and the Committee Chair, will appoint at least three members to the standing committees. Committee members will be staff or trustees of member libraries. The President may establish ad hoc committees for specific purposes. No committees will have other than advisory powers unless, by suitable Executive Board action, it is granted specific power to act.

All other committees in existence at the time these By-Laws are adopted will continue with current written charges until such time as the Executive Board shall vote to terminate the committee.

Standing Committees are:

By-Laws - to recommend amendments to the by-laws as needed and proceed with a full review of the By-Laws every two years.

Elections - to oversee the implementation of election procedures.

Personnel - to assist the Executive Director in interpreting BCCLS personnel policies. Executive Board Sub-Committee.

Policies and Procedures - to implement and recommend policies and procedures relevant to the membership.

Finance - to review and recommend BCCLS financial procedures and the budget. Executive Board Sub-Committee.

Executive Director Search Committee - The committee will be activated at the announcement of the resignation or separation of the Executive Director. The Search Committee will be made up of the current BCCLS President and all past Presidents who are, at the time the committee is established, active directors of a BCCLS library. The President, in consultation with the search committee, may appoint additional members who are active directors of a BCCLS library. The current BCCLS President will act as the chair of the committee.

Responsibilities will include but not limited to:

  • Establishing qualifications, salary range, and production of advertisements for the position, subject to the approval of the Executive Board.
  • Reviewing résumés and conducting interviews with the candidates.
  • Recommending candidates to the Executive Board.
  • Recommending a contract for the Executive Director to the Executive Board.

The Executive Board will have the power to hire the Executive Director and approve the contract.




Section 1. Committees: Standing Committees 

  • Introduced @ 3/21/2013 System Council meeting.
  • Approved @ 5/16/2013 System Council meeting.
  • Introduced @ 6/15/2017 System Council meeting.
  • Approved @ 9/28/2017 System Council meeting.
  • Introduced @ 9/28/207 System Council meeting.
  • Approved @10/26/2017 System Council meeting.
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