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06.15.18 LAMP Minutes

LAMP Committee


June 15, 2018 – 12:00pm

Ridgewood Public Library


Call to Order at 12:00pm by Gretchen Kaser, Chair

Attendees: Gretchen Kaser (HOHO), Mike Banick (MILL), Stephanie Bellucci (CLPK), Catherine Dodwell (DUMT), Nancy Greene (RGWD), Susan Kumar (PALP), Julie Marallo (TENF), Allison Moonitz (BFLD), Kristin Nelson (FAVW), & Cindy Czesak (BCCLS)

Absent:  Lina Podles (HOBK), Sai Rao (NBER), Chris Yurgelonis (FTLE)

Minutes from May 16, 2018 meeting were reviewed and approved.


Upcoming Events

  • 6/22 - New Professionals Breakfast @ NBER 10am-12pm

    • To date, 10 people have signed up

    • Gretchen will send out a registration reminder

    • Gretchen, Kristin and Stephanie will attend/moderate the event. Kurt Hadeler will attend as well

  • Labor Law Seminar

    • Gretchen has reached out to labor attorney Dominick Bratti re: an upcoming workshop concerning new changes to sick leave requirements. Bratti indicated that he is willing to do up to 2 workshops per year for free on a variety of topics.

    • Discussion followed and it was ultimately decided to plan for a September workshop so that directors have time to plan before the sick leave changes go into effect on 10/28/18. In 2019, LAMP will try to schedule additional workshops on other topics.

    • Tentative date for this is Thurs 9/13 (morning session + Q&A)

    • Gretchen will contact HASH and some other libraries as backup hosts.

  • 9/21 - New Director Breakfast @ DUMT 10am

    • Ongoing feedback from BCCLS directors indicates a desire to have 2 small group sessions for new directors rather than 1 per year. Due to timing, LAMP will only host 1 in 2018, but will aim for 2 in 2019.

    • 9/21 session will include LIFY, ROPK, TENF. Breakfasts will include Directors + mentors

  • Community Circle Breakfasts dates set

    • Thursday, 7/26

      • Location TBD, (BFLD can host as backup if needed)

      • Topic - OPEN

    • Thursday, 10/11

      • Location TBD

      • Topic - Facilities management

    • Brief discussion followed concerning resurrecting the more informal “Brown Bag lunch” chats


Old Business

  • Salary Survey

    • Gretchen has been in contact with Mike @ BCCLS.

    • Survey will be delegated to new hire, so official timetable for this project is not set yet.

    • Bugs from last year have been fixed, so input process should run smoother/quicker turnaround time.

    • BCCLS is hopeful that the sorting option will be present on this survey

  • Supervisory Training

    • Gretchen and Allison have been in touch with Marzena Ermler regarding the supervisory training series. Ermler produced 2 proposals - an 8 session series for $11,000 and a 6 session series for $7,500.

    • A survey was sent out to directors asking for their opinion about launching this series. 45 responses were logged, 49% reported that they would want to send a staff member, 51% reported no. 6 past participants in either cohort have moved on to BCCLS director roles.

    • There was brief discussion regarding increasing the price per student to lower BCCLS' cost. As per Cindy, BCCLS only has $10,000 set aside for all committee workshops/seminars/trainings.

    • Lengthy discussion followed concerning alternate trainers/training options, as well as the overall value of the series and management training. If LLNJ no longer offers its Super Supervisor training, then it might make a BCCLS one more attractive. BCCLS' new Digital Initiatives and Training staff member starts in late June, finding other trainers and/or moderators who specialize in specific aspects of management could be delegated to her rather than committee members. Cindy will brief Melody and bring her to the next LAMP meeting.

    • Because of budgetary restrictions, staffing and time crunch, it is unlikely that a supervisory training series will be offered to the membership in 2018.


Date/Place of Next Meeting: 7/26 @ 12pm (after the next Community Circle Breakfast, Location TBD)


Meeting adjourned at 1:20pm


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