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06.19.18 DTF Minutes (DRAFT)

BCCLS Delivery Task Force Meeting

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 2:30pm

Maurice M. Pine Library, 10-01 Fair Lawn Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 2:38pm by Stephanie Bellucci, Chair.



Present - Stephanie Bellucci, Chair/Cliffside Park; Ellen O'Keefe, Glen Rock; Gretchen Kaser, Ho-Ho-Kus; Kurt Hadeler, BCCLS President/Mahwah; Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes; Peter Coyl, Montclair; Eric Lozauskas, BCCLS; Judah Hamer, Rutherford; Sarah Lester, Maplewood; Adele Puccio, Fair Lawn/LLNJ Board

Absent - Terrie McColl, New Milford; Cindy Czesak, BCCLS


  1. Discussion of membership's consensus regarding BCCLS delivery in 2019 and beyond

    1. Stephanie briefly recapped the June 7 BCCLS Executive Board for those unable to attend. Comments were made on a perceived lack of transparency by DTF regarding its actions up until this point, particularly in selecting NJLS as the emergency BCCLS delivery vendor. Information about this decision and the research leading up to it is in the task force's minutes, which are posted on the BCCLS Knowledge Base. At the time of the EB meeting, all but the June 5th minutes were on the EB.

      1. Ellen created a written report to present at the June 28 System Council meeting, highlighting key information from old minutes and data about other vendors DTF considered before contracting with NJLS.

      2. Concerns were raised by Route 1 libraries about awarding another contract to NJLS. DTF will issue an RFP before choosing a BCCLS vendor if the System Council straw poll shows continued interest in BCCLS delivery. It was noted that there are not many options for other vendors. Sher-Del and UPS will be revisited again, and DTF will research other logistics companies/couriers. Eric noted that he had a conversation with Bob from NJLS, where they discussed a need for 6 months notice before opting out of a contract, if one were awarded to them.

    2. Stephanie noted that there was strong consensus for BCCLS delivery following the May small group meetings. Since then, some questions have arisen. This is partially due to the changes in LLNJ's FY19 budget, which features a $500 assessment to each member library for January-July delivery.

      1. At this point, the amount of the assessment after July 1, 2019 is unknown. It could increase from the $500 depending on LLNJ's FY20 budget and funding.

      2. Discussion ensued about whether delivery is a key BCCLS service. Resource sharing and reciprocal borrowing are mentioned in the strategic plan, as well as the old mission statement. These concepts, while similar to delivery, are not exactly the same as they also account for walk-in borrowing.

  2. Current state of delivery

    1. Kurt noted that there are now approximately 35,000 items in transit, which is a significant increase. Delivery has slowed down for many since the request limit was increased to 10. Some libraries have complained that T-Force is not picking everything up. Does the membership want “good” delivery or “good enough” delivery? And is in-transit time of more than a week “good enough”?

    2. DTF agreed that BCCLS is not ready to take on delivery itself in January 2019 - a vendor is needed for at least a year so policies can be put in place and capital funds can be set aside/awarded for set-up costs like vans, supplies, etc.

    3. Gerry asked if a potential state shutdown could possibly affect T-Force delivery. Delivery was not affected during the last one, but no one other than LLNJ can say for sure if this will continue to be the case.

  3. Next steps and questions about BCCLS delivery

    1. Sarah asked if BCCLS would be obligated to move forward with a vendor if an RFP is issued for delivery. The answer is no. She also asked if BCCLS libraries could opt out of statewide delivery but remain members of LLNJ. Most likely, the answer is yes - many schools are members of LLNJ but do not receive delivery. It is uncertain how the assessment would work if libraries withdrew from delivery - again, this can only be answered by LLNJ.

    2. Stephanie reiterated that any new service presents a learning curve - for example, BCCLS recently ran into unexpected complications during the migration from CloudLibrary to Overdrive. Taking on delivery would likely come with bumps in the road as well, but this is the case with anything new.

    3. Peter asked about how non-Bergen libraries would be affected if BCCLS gets its own vendor, as many Essex County libraries offer reciprocal borrowing to non-BCCLS neighbors. These items would likely be funneled through the one BCCLS stop that would remain on state delivery. Sarah also suggested that an alternative would be to restrict non-BCCLS cardholders to walk-in borrowing only. This would be up to the individual libraries.

    4. DTF will meet over the summer to work on drafting an RFP for delivery.

      1. Members felt this should include service-level agreements such as requesting forward sorting and delivery times.

      2. Members would like to have some input on routes going forward. BCCLS would not set the routes so as to avoid setting a precedent of micromanaging vendors, but we will need to have input to avoid issues such as the overburden on NJLS' Route 1.

    5. DTF will visit RCLS on August 9 to learn more about their delivery system. Again, BCCLS will not create its own delivery service in 2019, but this information will be gathered for future planning.

    6. An informational webinar for trustees may be held once DTF has more information about how delivery will proceed. We will circle back to this in August. The goal is to help directors educate their trustees on the history of delivery, how we got to crisis point, and what will come next.


Meeting adjourned at 4:03pm.

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