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07.26.2018 LAMP Minutes

LAMP Committee

July 26, 2018 - 12:00pm
Bergenfield Public Library


Call to Order at 12:10pm by Gretchen Kaser, Chair

Attendees: Gretchen Kaser (HOHO), Stephanie Bellucci (CLPK), Catherine Dodwell (DUMT), Nancy Greene (RGWD), Susan Kumar (PALP), Julie Marallo (TENF), Allison Moonitz (BFLD), Kristin Nelson (FAVW), Lina Podles (HOBK), Sai Rao (NBER), Chris Yurgelonis (FTLE), Melody Townley (BCCLS), Cindy Czesak (BCCLS)

Absent: Mike Banick (MILL)

Minutes from June 15, 2018 meeting were introduced by Nancy Greene, seconded by Allison Moonitz, approved unanimously.


Supervisory Training Workshop

  • Options were discussed re: the EB decision to fund the program at $2,500 in 2018 and $2,500 in 2019 giving us a total of $5,000 for a program that may run upwards of $10,000. Participant libraries will still need to pay for attendees however the price may be higher than in previous years. The goal is to not go above $250/attendee. We will look to trim costs by reducing the number of paid classes (LAMP can add classes performed by the committee) and seeking out other presenters. Options include, but are not limited to: Rutgers, BCC, MSU, etc. As well as the ASTD or other presenters in this field. Melody will assist in the search.

  • We need to be strategic with our course timeline and syllabus as to not greatly overlap with LLNJ's Super Supervisor or NJLA's Emerging Leaders' programs. We will work collaboratively on a truncated RFQ to presenters for the specific topics we would like covered. The committee would also like to meet with possible presenters if time allows.

  • In order to offer this series in the late fall, selection needs to take place no later than mid-August so the candidate selection process can begin on schedule. If our timeline gets pushed completely into 2019 this may jeopardize the $2,500 set aside for LAMP in 2018.


BCCLS Salary Survey

  • Nancy Greene pointed out that the requirement to enter paid leave for part timers in hours vs. days leads to inconsistencies in the final survey. Gretchen informed her that the metric came from direct feedback by an overwhelming number of directors last year. The only way to adjust the question would be to tweak the informational text corresponding to that question.


  • Mike at BCCLS has gone over the survey and made some corrections, bug fixes and technical re-works. Added features will include previous year's data viewable, saving and returning to finish at a later point, viewable after submission and a layer of security requiring an MS login to complete and view the doc. There will also now be a specific area on BCCLS Reports for directors only to login and view the survey as well as sort and cull data.


  • The survey will go out a bit later than in year's past but due to the aforementioned technical upgrades the turnaround on the final project can be quicker (only a few days vs. upwards of a month).


Upcoming Events
- Thursday 9/13 @ 10:00am : Labor Law Seminar @ HASH
- Friday 9/21 @ 10:00am : New Director's Breakfast @ Dumont*
- Thursday 10/11 @ 10:00am : Community Circle Breakfast @ Mahwah

*Speakers to include Gretchen, Kurt, Cindy, Stephanie, Susan & Catherine. Will follow outline from previous year's as it is very comprehensive and well received.


Old Business - None

New Business - None


Adjournment  - 1:03pm

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