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08.15.18 LAMP Minutes

Lamp Committee
August 15, 2018: 2pm
BCCLS Office
Call to Order 2:07pm
Present: Gretchen Kaser (Chair/HOHO), Cindy Czesak (BCCLS), Nancy Greene (RGWD), Chris Yurgelonis (FTLE), Stephanie Bellucci (CLPK), Catherine Dodwell (DUMT), Allison Moonitz (BFLD), Susan Kumar (PALP)
Guests: Melody Townley & Mike Grgurev (BCCLS)
Absent: Sai Rao (NBER), Mike Banick (MILL), Julie Marallo (TENF), Kristin Nelson (FAVW), Lina Podles (HOBK)
Minutes of the 7/26/18 meeting were approved on a motion by Susan Kumar. Seconded by Catherine Dodwell.
Review of Supervisory Training Proposals:
Melody gave a presentation on the RFP contacts (see attached). Only two of the four responded and of those two, one cannot accommodate us for 2018 and the other stated they would submit a proposal but failed to do so. We also received a proposal from Bergen Community College. It is very comprehensive. Nancy Greene spoke with them and discussed adding several other topics. The BCC one lends itself to future CE courses for directors. This however would not be offered to directors, only mid-level supervisors. They should also conduct a needs assessment for the participants. The LAMP committee can be more involved in the design of the course then we could if hiring Marzena, the previous facillitator. 
Discussion between using Bergen Community College or Marzena from previous Supervisory Training. Also discussed were three days vs. six days vs. cost vs. timeline. We would like BCC to provide us with references. We will also ask the eliminate some of the topics that do not pertain to non-directors. This may reduce the cost. Using BCC attaches an official educational connection to the courses.  It projected that the cost to each library would be $125 per participant (includes breakfast and lunch). The three classes could potentially take place November, January & March. Max capacity is 20 participants. If need be we can augment with non-BCCLS applicants. The previous training program's application will be used. The committee felt unanimously that we go with BCC for this year's course once they provide answers to our additional questions. A save the date will go out to directors soon.
Gretchen shared with the committee positive testimonials sent in by participants from the last round of Supervisory Training.
Update on Salary Survey:
A little behind schedule because the form is being re-worked to eliminate bugs from last year and time was being devoted to the delivery RFP. Wording on a couple of questions was revised. At some point this week or the beginning of next week an email will go out to directors with login information. This will give input capability as well as the ability to run reports. It is estimated that Mike can begin testing sample data next week before the survey form goes out to the membership. The turnaround will be quicker and smoother than in previous years. The lost time can be made up due to that fact. 
Old Business:
New Business:
Upcoming Events:
9/13 - Labor Law Seminar
9/21 - New Directors' Breakfast
10/11 - Community Circle Breakfast
Next Meeting:
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