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08.21.18 DTF Minutes

BCCLS Delivery Task Force Meeting

Wednesday, August 21, 2018 - 10:30am

BCCLS Office, 810 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601


Call to Order:

The task force convened briefly at 10:30am to review the questions submitted by vendors for the RFP bidders' call. The call itself began at 11:05am.



Present - Eric Lozauskas, BCCLS; Gretchen Kaser, Ho-Ho-Kus; Ellen O'Keefe, Glen Rock; Peter Coyl, Montclair; Terrie McColl, New Milford; Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes; Cindy Czesak, BCCLS; Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park; Mike Grgurev, BCCLS

Absent - Kurt Hadeler, Mahwah/BCCLS President; Sarah Lester, Maplewood; Judah Hamer, Rutherford


  1. Review of bidders' call registration

    1. Eric provided the task force members with a printout of the registration list for the bidders' call. Some vendors submitted questions beforehand. It was agreed upon that Stephanie and Eric would lead the call, at which time they would address these questions. Time would be provided for additional Q&A.

    2. The following vendors registered for the call: New Jersey Lawyers Service (NJLS), NPD Logistics, ECI Transport/Econo-Courier, Tomabroad, BrilLiquid, and Joseph DiPisa (independent contractor).

  2. The call was set up by Mike via Adobe Connect. Vendors had the option of phoning in or connecting via a computer.

    1. Participants: Nicholas Racioppo, NPD Logistics; Joseph DiPisa, Independent Contractor; Rubin Diaz, Joe Passante, and Bob Pladek, NJLS; Will, Econo-Courier; Mike Turek and Steve Doyle, TForce

    2. The call began with Stephanie and Eric explaining BCCLS' structure and the delivery process

    3. The following questions were addressed:

      1. NJLS asked about how BCCLS delivery would be funded. DTF explained that the membership would vote to approve delivery, and libraries would pay BCCLS. BCCLS would then pay the vendor.

      2. NJLS asked about record-keeping, and what a driver's signature on the delivery log indicated. Were drivers responsible for verifying the number of outgoing packages, or just acknowledging they made the stop that day? DTF clarified that drivers aren't expected to count each item.

      3. NPD asked if delivery was new for BCCLS. BCCLS-provided delivery is new, but members have previously been a part of the state delivery program.

      4. NJLS asked if member libraries could opt out of delivery. They cannot.

      5. Econo-Courier asked if the bins are pre-sorted, and how drivers would know which items go to which library. They were referred to Section 3.4 of the RFP, which discusses delivery slips. A sample slip is provided in the RFP.

      6. A question was asked about the average number of bins picked up at each library. Eric and Mike explained that volume fluctuates based on day of the week, whether there have been any emergency closings, time of year, etc. Currently, BCCLS does not track the number of outgoing bins.

      7. A follow-up question was asked about which libraries are the busiest. Mike and Eric referred the vendors to Appendix A in the RFP.

      8. Joseph asked if the bins have RFID. They do not.

      9. Econo-Courier asked if there is a central database of books, and if barcoding is available. The vendor will not be expected to scan, so barcodes are irrelevant.

      10. Econo-Courier asked if the routes will be based on specific needs of libraries, and if they are at all flexible. Yes - the proposed routes are based on location and volume. They are flexible to a point - if something is not working well, BCCLS will work with the vendor to address it.

      11. A participant asked for clarification about custom logos on the delivery vehicles, as referenced in the RFP. Eric clarified that BCCLS would like to print something on the vehicles noting that they are funded by the Bergen County Freeholders, should this come into effect. The vendor stated he could not do so because it would be in violation of his insurance policy.

      12. Econo-Courier asked for the address of the BCCLS Office and Test Branch. Currently it is 810 Main Street in Hackensack, but this will change to the Fair Lawn area in 2019.

      13. Econo-Courier asked if the libraries' hours are posted anywhere. They are on the BCCLS website. Mike will make sure they appear on the link that is listed in the RFP.

      14. A participant asked if the routes will include times for each stop. Deliveries are expected to be made during regular operating hours.

      15. There was a question about how drivers will have time to forward sort in their vehicles. Eric stated that they routes will be customized to accommodate this.

      16. Joseph asked if there's a way to see a report with pending delivery volume ahead of time, such as each morning. Currently there is not, but the task force liked the concept. Several variables like returns to other libraries cannot be predicted.

      17. A request was made to update the RFP with the libraries' hours. Mike will add operating hours to the link in the RFP that lists each member library by the end of the day.

      18. A vendor asked about delivery notifications within the route. We do not need this.

      19. Will billing be weekly or monthly? Monthly with net-30 terms.

      20. Joseph asked if there will be additional opportunities for questions or discussion. Just today's call. Additional information should be submitted as part of the vendor's bid.


  1. The task force spoke briefly following the call.

    1. It was agreed upon that a database with pending delivery volume would be great to have, but it is not realistically possible at this time. There are too many variables.

    2. Terrie asked if it would be possible to have the membership start counting the number of bins they send out.

      1. Mike will create a survey because the vendors are asking for this data. It will also be useful for BCCLS to have for its own purposes.

      2. The form will include a tally of blue bins and various sized boxes (i.e. large Baker & Taylor boxes, etc.). It will be sent out following the 8/22 Executive Board meeting.

    3. Discussion of Stephanie's presentation to the Executive Board on 8/22

      1. Will include a recap of the RCLS site visit, DTF's 8/15 meeting, and today's conference call.

      2. There will be an update about the custom bins the task force discussed on 8/15. No formal recommendation yet.

      3. It must be stressed that if the delivery vote does not pass at System Council, BCCLS will be reduced to walk-in service only. Returns must be made to their owning libraries.

      4. Stephanie will email the directors with a timeline leading up to the System Council vote in October.

    4. Terrie noted that the in-transit number is steadily increasing across BCCLS. In-transit times are growing, and more libraries are becoming dissatisfied with the current LLNJ. Gerry noted that Franklin Lakes is having particularly large issues. This seems to be the case on the whole route.

    5. Cindy and Kurt will meet with Kathy Schalk-Greene from LLNJ on Friday, 8/24. She will ask about the charge for BCCLS moving to one stop for JerseyCat service only in 2019, and whether half-year service is possible for BCCLS (through 7/1/19).

    6. The task force would like to offer webinars in September with information about the possible switch to BCCLS delivery.


Adjournment: 12:27pm


Next Meeting: 9/6/18 @ BCCLS: 10am

Opening of RFP bids with meeting  to follow. The webinars will be planned at this time.  


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