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YSC 09-14-18 Minutes

Youth Services Committee Meeting

Minutes 9/14/2018 (9:30am) @ WCAL



Kate Senedzuk (HASH), Stacey Shapiro (TENF), Margaret Rose O'Keefe (BCCLS), Melody Townley (BCCLS), Lupita O'Brien (CLTR), Michelle Jurgensen (CRES), Korine Stopsky (DUMT), Kim Iacucci (FTLE), Gladys Cepeda (HACK), Kathryn Ennist (HLDL), Alyssa Harvey (HOHO), Caitlin Siciliano (MAHW), Emily Witkowski (MAPL), Janis Werner (MILL), Giulia Bombace (MOVL), Sunkyung Roh (NMIL), Imani Hardaway (NMIL), Emily Pepe (NOVL), Deborah Tarabocchia (PARABR), Siobhan Fitzpatrick (RFPK), Tyne Runfeldt (RIVL), Margo Franklin (TEAN), Allyssa Battaglia (WASH), Richelle DeFrank (WCAL)


Not in attendance:

Alessandra Nicodemo (ALDL), Tommy Skirnich (BOGT), Esperanza Pacheco (ENGL), Lauren Magielnicki (GARF), Beth Vredenburg (HOBK), Rachael Guerrero (MAPLBR), Danielle Fisher (MAYW), Akiema Buchanan (NBER), Rachel Stephenson (PALP)


Call to order

  • The meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM

  • The August minutes were approved.

Old Business

  • Fresh Focus: October - Thankful Reads, November - Families, Families, Families & December - Winter Wonderland (please add blurbs to each)

  • Reads to Wrap list (Read, Watch, Listen: December)

    • Older books (that didn't come out this year) are also good for this

  • Mixer

    • We're a go for the mixer at the Maywood library October 26th @ 6pm

    • Sign up for potluck

    • Open to anyone

    • Margaret will ask Lorri to send an email to All so Adult Services staff are encouraged to attend

  • New member

    • Imani Hardaway (NMIL)

New Business

  • Bootcamp

    • 33 signed up

    • Don't forget to sign up

    • Nov 9 at Maywood at 9:30

      • Get there about 9:00, 9:15

    • Firm up presentations

      • Donna from Paramus Main (PR)

        • Created new PR plan when she was at HASH

        • Posters along the wall on the steps to the library

        • Using Canva, etc.

        • One thing that's definite

        • 20-30 min

      • Microsoft store (GSP) approx. 20-30 min

      • People want handouts, but we agreed we want to save paper/time

      • Send out digital copies before the program

      • People get tired of doing the same old things all the time, shake it up

      • Michelle opted for a handout

        • Fortnite or gaming

      • Lists for creating video game collections

      • Shaking up Storytime

      • Format of bootcamp

        • Kate will talk about book clubs

        • 10 AM we start presentations (coffee/mingling from 9:30-10 AM)

        • Short 15 minute presentations

      • Kim, Stacey, Janis

        • Graphic novels

        • 10-15 minutes

        • Manga

        • Traveling manga collection

      • Siobhan

        • ESL Graphic novels

      • Giulia

        • Anxiety in Story Hour (handout)

        • Old MacDonald song with guitar

      • Emily W., Alyssa H. (handout), Allyssa B.

        • Engaging teens

        • Passive programs a.k.a drop-in programs

        • Just getting them to use the space is a success

      • 60 seconds of different ways to shake it up (10-15) minutes at the start

        • Favorite song

        • Favorite fingerplay

      • Inclusive storytimes (Sensory storytime)

        • Mari Zigas said she would present for that

        • PowerPoint (15-20)

      • Giant post-it

        • Write down ideas

        • What they want to shake up

        • When they're signing up have them write down ideas

        • 30 minute discussion (end)

        • Potential topic - thoughts on Polaris “in house use” to justify keeping items kids/teens look at and don't check out

      • Push digital for audiobooks, magazines, etc.

      • Agenda and evaluations will be given in paper form

    • Microsoft store (GSP) Nicki

      • Has a gaming expert

      • Came to do coding classes for free

      • Brings the laptops and sets them up

      • Presentation for Makers' Day

      • Everything is free

      • Does adult and children's programs as well

      • Very friendly, super nice

      • Travels

  • eBCCLS

    • Share any ebooks or eaudiobooks to add to the collection on our Google Doc

    • Added more eaudiobooks for Harry Potter

  • Self-E pilot

    • Added fiction independent authors titles to eBCCLS free

    • Curated collection in Libby

    • They're simultaneous use so they always appear as available - this doesn't mean they're not being used, you can look up circs to see they're getting a lot of use

    • No word on how much it will cost to keep titles once the free promotion is over

  • eMagazines

    • RBdigital

    • Reviewed suggestions YSC has to delete or add to current list

    • Adding five new magazines

  • Idea was shared about displaying a list of Dewey numbers in the teen section for “hard questions to ask” so they can find books on their own

  • YASS meeting moved to Wyckoff

    • Regular monthly YSC meeting

    • December 14 at 9:30

  • Bergen County Family Fun Fair

    • Crafters needed

    • Resend email looking for volunteers

    • Sat. Sept 22 from 12-4

    • Sunkyung Roh (NMIL)

    • Deborah

  • Tech committee

    • Summer reading tech like Beanstack

    • March 2019 ends contract

    • Sharon (PARA) is being a liaison for this

    • Great Reading Adventure is functional and free

    • There's a chance we will be left without a system-wide digital option and libraries would have to subscribe to their own service

    • Google Forms can possibly be a stopgap

      • Setting up macros

      • Training/tutorial on the tech side of using Google Forms would help

  • NJLA Program Proposals are open

    • njlaconference.info to propose a program

  • BCCLS 101 - is there a way new staff members can find info they need easily

    • Melody Townley is the contact to send ideas for training - Margaret mentioned this idea has been proposed before and is on BCCLS radar

    • Collection Development and Analysis

      • Running BCCLS reports

    • Reference

    • Programming

    • Circulation

    • Tech Services

    • PR

    • Committee resources, e.g. YSC mentors


  • Imani joining Printz


Next meeting October 12th, 2018 (9:30 AM) at Englewood


The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 AM


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