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B6: Using Polaris Workforms



In Polaris, the windows where you create, view, and edit item records, perform circulation functions, and create, view and edit patron records are called workforms.  Each workform has its own menu bar and toolbar for performing the tasks related to the record or records displayed in the workform.


Workforms have color-coded banners along the left side that correspond to the subsystem.  For example, the Check Out workform has a red banner and the Item Record workform has a blue banner.



As you will learn when working with Polaris workforms, there often is no preferred way to perform functions.  You may use icons, the menu bar or keyboard shortcuts; all will yield the same functionalities.  You will adopt the method that is easiest for you.


You can have multiple workforms open simultaneously, and switch from one workform to another by clicking on the workform you wish to use or by pressing ALT+TAB.


You can resize some workforms by dragging the bottom right corner if the bottom right corner has a dotted  arrow.

Changing the Workform View


Many workforms have more than one view.


You can change the workform view by selecting an option from the View menu, by clicking an icon on the left banner of the workform, or by pressing CTRL+TAB on the keyboard.

Menu Bar & Toolbar


All Polaris workforms have a menu bar and a toolbar with options to perform tasks on the displayed record or functionality.


The following actions can be performed on Polaris workforms using the Toolbar:

   New - create a new record

   Open - open another record

   Save - save the displayed record

   Print - print the workform

   Delete - delete the workform

   Properties - view the record's properties

   This Window Help - get help with Polaris

Workform Content


Workforms contain fields in the form of drop-down list boxes, text boxes, check boxes, date pickers, or other types of controls.


You can move from one field to another in a workform using the mouse or the TAB key.  If you use the TAB key to go to a list box, press the ALT key and the down arrow key to open the list box.


You can enter or edit data in the boxes with a white background. 

Boxes with gray backgrounds are read-only for system-generated information or information that you cannot edit. 

Bold labels indicate required fields, and the record cannot be saved without information in these fields.


If a workform has a Find button, the Find Tool opens with the appropriate type of record selected.  For example, the Title field on the Item Record workform has a Find button that opens the Find Tool to search for bibliographic records.  For more information on the Polaris Find Tool, refer to The Polaris Find Tool: Overview (B1) section of the manual.


Closing a Workform


To close a workform, click on File from the Menu bar and select Close, enter Alt+F4 on your keyboard, or click on the X in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

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