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11.14.18 - World Languages Task Force Meeting Minutes - DRAFT

Wednesday, October 24th -- 10:00 am
BCCLS Office

Present: Morris Balacco, Paul Shaver, Larissa Brookes, Daragh O'Connor, Melody Townley, Leslie Krugel, Michelle Ferreira, Kiwon Kim, Elynn Park, Hongmei Liu, Len LoPinto, Chelsea D. Coleman, Matthew Mitchel, Cindy Czesak, Lana Peker..

From BCCLS: new Executive Director, David Hanson;Yumi Choi (WLTF secretary).

BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee: Jennifer Breuer

Not present: Linda Corona, Laura Rios.

1 Welcome
2. Meeting was called to order at about 10:05 am
3. Paul introduced the new BCCLS Executive Director, David Hanson.
4. Subscription Service. The group began discussing the imminent vote by the BCCLS Executive Board to end the world language subscription service.
Len explained why the subscription service is important to BCCLS. He also explained the history as he remembered it of how world language collections began and have developed at BCCLS libraries. Daragh strongly urged the board to vote to maintain the subscription service, that every BCCLS library benefits from the world language subscriptions even if they have a small percentage of people who speak those particular languages. Larissa affirmed that the Ridgewood PL relies on the subscription service. Paul explained why the subscription service is important, that not every library can hire collection specialists in needed languages. The WLTF can be a great supplement to our subscription service but cannot replace it.
Cindy reminded everyone that only 23 libraries subscribe but all the libraries pay for part of the subscriptions. If subscribing libraries pay 100% of the cost (purchasing and overhead) then this arrangement would be fair.
In Marie Coughlin's first year, BCCLS eliminated the overhead portion from the subscription cost because member libraries did not pay similar costs for other collections.
Matthew described how he selects Japanese and Korean items. Len noted that all the work Matthew does will now need to be replicated by every library that subscribes to these services
Cindy asked that any motion that goes forward at the meeting Thursday include personnel costs in any new subscription service proposal.
David raised a discussion about collection development policy. He wants to protect BCCLS in case of any challenge brought against an item purchased through the subscription service. Because we don't have a world language subscription service collection development policy, we have little legal protection to defend our choices. David plans to raise the collection development policy with other committees but the WLTF came first on his calendar. Now that we've acknowledged that we're engaged in centralized collecting, it's crucial that we have a centralized CD policy. To codify what we're doing helps us mature as an organization. It also shows the legal world we have taken good-faith efforts to enact policy. It would have to be written so that it is aligned with the subscribing library's policy.
We want to move quickly, in the first quarter of 2019. Policy should come from the Executive Council and adopted by everybody. We don't need to suspend, because that action would be worse -- we would hurt other people immediately.
More discussion about voting on continuing or changing the WL subscription service. The WLTF a motion goes forward to present a revised subscription service proposal,
Cindy said we should make sure any proposal requires the subscription to include personnel costs (which includes handling and payment). BCCLS has already absorbed cataloging costs.
Subscriptions totaled about $103,000 this year. We might need to add some “wiggle room” if more expert time is needed to meet subscription demands.
Moved by Paul[?] and seconded by Chelsea: the WLTF voted unanimously that a recommendation for subscription service to continue, with costs completely born by subscribers; that BCCLS establish a CD policy by March 2019, and that Spanish language be included in the subscription service,.
5. Old Business.
Michelle moved to approve minutes; Leslie seconded; all approved the motion.
Monthly Recommendations Lists. Paul reported that the bimonthly recommendations list has received lots of feedback and was well-received, especially the Spanish-language recommendations. He asked that the next round of bimonthly recommendations be submitted by mid-December. These lists are uploaded to the Knowledge Base on the BCCLS Staff page, so recommenders should make sure recommendations are appropriate. Paul asked WLTF members to email recommendations to “go-to” people for each language by November 30. Recommenders should add as many titles as they did for the last round.
Vendor list. Paul said this is very good, especially the information Lana provided, but that it is still difficult for, say, a person who does not speak Korean to order directly from vendors such as, for example, Bandi Books.
Paul will email directors the form multilingual staff members can complete if they'd like to volunteer. He'll then update a spreadsheet libraries can consult when they need someone with specific language knowledge.
We ran out of time to revisit the BCCLS demographic map but Paul told us statistical highlights: about 24 libraries in BCCLS's southern end each serve populations with at least 10% Spanish-speaking patrons.
6. New Business.
Melody spoke about world language digital magazines. RB Digital has added titles so Melody has updated the list she sent to Paul a few weeks ago. She needs to have recommended titles by December 10. She will send Paul a link to a Google Form or Google Doc so that people can add suggested titles. Cindy said we have a lot of leeway in how many titles we add because BCCLS is dropping several English-language titles that don't circulate. Melody affirmed that RB Digital is being very flexible about how many titles we add (“no budget constraints”). We would be able to offer these titles for all of 2019. It is crucial that we promote these titles.
Melody also mentioned that we should encourage patrons to recommend titles to Overdrive/Libby; Melody adds new titles on Wednesdays.
Hongmei mentioned that almost all the Chinese-language titles are in traditional Chinese, a problem for simplified readers.
There was a discussion about considering Moazine, because RB Digital offers only one Korean-language magazine. About 5 libraries now subscribe to Moazine and each pays $1600.
David urged the group to consider advocating for a BCCLS scholarship that would emphasize multilingual ability. BCCLS needs to hire people who reflect the diverse communities we serve. One way to reach this goal is to create opportunities to develop and recruit people who speak multiple languages. Paul and Cindy said we need to have a diversity scholarship.
7. Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 30 @ 10:00 am.
8. Morris moved to adjourn, Chelsea seconded; meeting unanimously adjourned at 12:05 pm.

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