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01.10.19 LAMP Minutes - DRAFT


LAMP Committee Meeting

Wednesday, January 10, 2019
Dixon Homestead Library - Dumont


Present: Gretchen Kaser, Stephanie Bellucci, Julie Marallo, Susan Kumar, Catherine Dodwell, Melody Townley (BCCLS), Allison Moonitz
Guest: Mike Grgurev (BCCLS) > Salary Survey liaison
Absent: Sai Rao, Kristin Nelson, Chris Yurgelonis, Nancy Greene, Lina Podles


Meeting called to order by Gretchen Kaser, Chair at 10:08am

Salary Survey Update
Overall the committee felt the roll-out and return back of the salary survey went very well after initial bugs were attended to. The BCCLS office and committee members did not receive many calls about frustrations with data entry. This can be attributed to the many hours spent making tweaks to eliminate difficulty.

For 2019 entries the committee will have to look at the changes in time allotted for the new sick leave law, as some libraries handled this by implementing PTO banks. There is not line for PTO entry at this point. We may be able to follow the same entry convention as the State Aid Report. Committee can also send a survey to see how many libraries actually use the PTO label.

The survey next year should include a link to job descriptions for the various titles. The information is available on the NJ Civil Service website and NJLA website.

Several of survey responses appeared incorrect or were omitted. The committee discussed if it is their role to police the results. Unanimously it was decided that the matter be handled by the ED and Bylaws Committee and LAMP could provide data and/or input if requested. Issues that need a protocol are no entries, inaccurate entries and late entries. Gretchen will alert Bylaws to the 2018 surveys that may need addressing. If in fact the errors and omissions were a result of lack technical understanding, a webinar can be hosted next year when the survey goes live. Mike mentioned that he can make more fields mandatory in order to submit the report.

The survey will likely go back to an August due date. This year was later due to the edits taking longer than expected. If the entry period is lengthened, Mike mentioned that a sophisticated set of reports can be culled. Data could be run from whom entered data and whom has not yet entered data to coincide with the various budget presentation timelines among the 77 libraries.

Supervisory Training Program
Bergen Community College has been extremely easy to work with. The post class surveys have been very positive (parking ok, food availability ok, presenters knowledgeable, readings worthwhile, cohort is serious and engaged, etc.). Only negative comment was related to the January class being offered when the campus was on winter break. The cafe was closed as a result and there was a post-holiday rush to complete the assigned readings. Additionally, half days would be more preferable for content retention. This program will be offered every other year, so calendar adjustments can be made in 2020 to accommodate the winter break and look into cost variations for eight half days vs. four full days.


Recap of 2018 Events & Looking ahead to 2019
Bratti, Greenan Firm would be willing to offer BCCLS a free workshop annually. Reviews of the Sick Leave Law workshop were very positive so the committee would like to take them up on this offer. Some topics suggested are finance/law in regards to underfunding (i.e.: when ⅓ mil is just not enough), personnel issues and Civil Service [there is someone from the state that can conduct this workshop].

All of the LAMP breakfasts were well attended and well received. The addition of summer breakfasts was positive. Popular topics remain unions/Civil Service, personnel, budgets.

The committee will host twice annual New Director Breakfasts.

A webinar on the ins and outs of P-Cards could be explored.

“Climbing the Ladder” informational breakfast is the best offered in staggered years, the years the Supervisory Training is not being offered.

The New Professionals Breakfast will continue annually.

Meeting adjourned at 11:06am

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