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YSC 2019-02-08 Minutes

Youth Services Committee Minutes 2/8/19

Mahwah (9:30am)


Kate Senedzuk (HASH), Stacey Shapiro (TENF), Melody Townley-Scagnelli (BCCLS), Margaret Rose O'Keefe (BCCLS), Michelle Jurgensen (CRES), Korine Stopsky (DUMT), Esperanza Pacheco (ENGL), Gladys Cepeda (HACK), Caitlin Siciliano (MAHW), Sunkyung Roh (NMIL), Emily Pepe (NOVL),  Rachel Stephenson (PALP), Deborah Tarabocchia (PARABR), Tyne Runfeldt (RIVL), Margo Franklin (TEAN), Richelle DeFrank (WCAL)


Not present:

Tommy Skrnich (BOGT), Lupita O'Brien (CLTR), Kim Iacucci (FTLE), Lauren Magielnicki (GARF), Kathryn Ennist (HLDL), Beth Vredenburg (HOBK), Emily Witkowski (MAPL), Danielle Fisher (MAYW), Janis Werner (MILL), Giulia Bombace (MOVL), Akiema Buchanan (NBER), Siobhan Fitzpatrick (RFPK), Allyssa Battaglia (WASH), Alyssa Harvey (HOHO), Imani Hardaway (NMIL)


Call to order

  • Meeting called to order (9:45 AM)

  • December minutes approved

    • Fix Margo's name

Old Business

  • Makers' Day Funconference

    • Google Earth

    • VR

    • Small group conversations helpful

    • Database link that Matt sent out

      • Once new committees start, email will be sent reminding people to add programs to it

    • Continue working with Adult Services next year?

  • Mock Awards evaluation

    • People not happy with many different things

    • List of contenders earlier?

    • Quarterly summaries

      • Mid-year check-in?

    • List of contenders

    • Make contenders separate from Best Books/winners

    • New voting system works (stickers and pictures)

    • Large group discussion instead of smaller group discussions

      • If you haven't read it, you can ask questions

    • 5 min small group and then open the floor

  • 1BBK

    • Charging it to the next committee

  • RBDigital eMagazines

    • PR push for digital services

    • Lost Seventeen Magazine

      • Added Nat Geo Kids, Muy Interesante Jr. Mexico, Monster High Little, High Five Bilingue

New Business

  • Mentor/Mentee Luncheon

    • Table to the new committee

    • Invite them all to the committee meeting?

  • Boot Camp

    • September

    • Ideas for boot camp, send them our way

    • Best practices

      • Customer service

      • Staff relationship

    • A Librarians' Guide to the Galaxy..and places closer to home

  • Sign up for committee

    • Charges specify that we meet monthly, whereas other committee charges add that work is expected between meetings - should we add this too for next year?

      • Tell people in welcome email to committee

  • CDR charges

    • Quarterly favorite books, weeding, reference, etc.

    • Monthly tips? Semi-regular tips

    • Did you know we have a listserv, etc.

  • Send programs to Caitlin for YS programming database


Meeting adjourned 11:10 AM

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