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ASC 2019-01-15 Minutes

BCCLS Adult Services Committee Meeting


Minutes for Tuesday, January 15, 2019 10:00 am, Upper Saddle River Library

 Present: Lorri Steinbacher (Chair - Ridgewood), Cathy Folk-Pushee (Hackensack), Jennifer Hendricks (Franklin Lakes), Julie Whitehead (Dumont), Katie Neylan (Livingston), Molly McKenney (Upper Saddle River), Gina Gerard (Hawthorne), Jessica Bielen (Hawthorne), Leann Lydon (Garfield), Julia Nock (Closter), Dave Hanson (BCCLS), Melody Scagnelli-Townley (BCCLS)

 Absent: Dawn Petretti-Silvera (Glen Ridge), Theresa Sarracino (Glen Rock), Jonna Davis (Teaneck), Janet Dunn (Westwood), Mary Kirsch (Fair Lawn), Ethan Galvin (West Caldwell)


 Volunteer Recorder - Molly McKenney

 Approval of Minutes from December 3, 2018 meeting (all agreed)

 Old Business

 E-magazine selection

  • Set for 2019
  • 10 titles were added to replace titles we lost: Afar, Brides, Domino, Lonely Planet Traveller, Mindful, Paleo Magazine, The Cottage Journal, The Knot Weddings Magazine, The Paris Review, and Viz..
  • RB Digital lost a lot of titles for this year, Dave explained that the company has struggled since losing access to Consumer Reports
  • Dave and Melody are going to meet with the RB Digital rep soon, and changing platforms is a possibility, but only if we're sure it would be a really good move
  • Question about automatic renewal (because it was causing circ limits on some titles to be reached and some patrons were being told there were no more checkouts available on that issue)
  • Automatic renewal is now turned off for the entire consortium by default, but patrons can enable it themselves
  • Updates on Collection Development Tips & Know Your eSources Tips

Know Your eSources Tips:

  • January - Navigating eSources (generally navigating to them) - Gina Gerard
  • February -
  • March - Off the Beaten Path Reader's Advisory (to line up with the RA program) - TBD
  • April - Job & Career Tools (generally navigating to them) - Cathy Folk-Pushee
  • May - RefUSA? - TBD
  • June - Library Subscriptions? (Waiting on Joseph to update the webpage first) - TBD
  • July - BCCLS Central Collection Cart Aggregating? - Molly McKenney?
  • August - NJ State Library Newspapers - TBD

Collection Development Tips:

  • January - Bad Call Numbers - Cathy Folk-Pushee
  • February - Solo copies (multiple bib records for the same title; related to Ken French's question) - Julie Whitehead
  • March - Bad barcodes - Lorri Steinbacher?
  • April - Rental vs. Standard Edition -TBD
  • May - Holds restrictions lasting longer than 6 months? - TBD
  • June - Uncataloged items? - TBD
  • July - Weird statuses - Julie Whitehead
  • August - TBD    

Partnership with Tech committee on The Maker Funconference, Friday, January 25 at Wyckoff, 9-1

  • Adult Services will have reps from Ridgewood and Livingston


New Business

 eBCCLS - Collection development policy and practices

  • There was a lengthy discussion led by Dave about the need for a policy
  • Discussion about purchase criteria as it applies to certain topics (ex: travel books, cookbooks, self help). It was suggested that language should be given to Dave regarding the creation of a new criteria that would support the purchase of these items.
  • The maximum number of copies the central collection should buy of a title was also up for discussion, based on monetary and other factors (having too many copies of a title once demand is over, Advantage libraries can now purchase their own copies, etc.)
  • There was a related question about the ability to weed copies in OverDrive - currently OverDrive only allows for weeding at the title level, so they couldn't only weed some copies, would have to weed all copies of that title.  This could change in the future.  Melody also pointed out that many titles self-weed as they are metered access and expire after a certain time frame or number of circs.
  • Lorri will put out the call for an Adult Fiction aggregator, since the current aggregatory is Melody and the membership had expressed interest in having more input into central collection selection.
  • Discussion about letting BCCLS libraries know that aggregators would appreciate input on selections

Question from Ken French--Question about the issue with multiple bib records for the same title (different editions) and uneven holds placements,  Examples were given of “An American Marriage” and “Night of Camp David”.

  • Julie will do a collection development tip on this for February
  • Staff should submit a support ticket to BCCLS when they find an erroneous duplicate bib record (ex: records with only a Rochelle Park item)

Reader's Advisory program - March 28th

  • Lorri suggested coming from the perspective of the librarian is already the expert but they just don't know it
  • Dave emphasized the importance of personal recommendations in the current world - many people prefer a yes/no option to a plethora of choices (i.e. Stitch Fix, Amazon, Netflix, etc.)
  • The purpose of the program will be to stimulate conversation rather than simply talking at attendees
  • All committee members should look at Lorri's outline and come up with their best 2-3 sources for Reader's Advisory
  • Lorri will make a Google Sheet to solicit comments from the committee on each topic

Dave shared an email he received from SCORE about becoming more involved with libraries in northeast NJ

  • Hackensack and Ridgewood are already SCORE locations
  • It was suggested to show the people from SCORE that we have access to RefUSA


Melody explained that OverDrive has something called “Big Reads” where purchasing many copies of a title can be negotiated at a discounted price.

  • We could use this to try out a BCCLS virtual book club. (Both the book and the “meeting” itself would be virtual.)
  • Suggestions for potential titles are requested.

 Wrap up and last comments

 Next meeting Tuesday, February 5th, 10 am at Closter


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