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C12: Linking Periodicals


In order to maintain consistency and accuracy, please follow this procedure when linking periodicals.


  1. Use the Bibliographic Records Find Tool to search for your library’s current periodical records (i.e. ALDL Current Periodicals 2012 A-Z).


    Please refer to the sections B1: The Polaris Find Tool – Overview and B2: The Polaris Find Tool - Bibliographic Records of the manual for instructions on how to access and use the Bibliographic Record Find Tool to retrieve bibliographic records.

  2.  Enter your search terms in the For field.

  3. Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or the Search button to execute your search.

  4. From the results, select the appropriate record to which you will link your periodical.  For example, if linking the latest issue of Popular Photography, select the current periodical record which would contain titles beginning with the letter ‘P’. 

  5. The Bibliographic Record workform opens.

  6. When you have confirmed that this is the record to which you wish to link your periodical, click on the Create Item Records icon to begin the linking process.

  7. The New Item Record Options workform opens.

  8. Enter or scan the barcode or barcodes in the Item barcode(s) field.  If typing the barcode, be sure to hit ‘Enter’ after each barcode, so that they appear in the lower box.

  9. Move to the Distribution section and click on the (None) field in the Template column.

  10. From the template drop-down menu that appears, select the template you created for linking periodicals.


    Please refer to C 1: Creating an Item Template for instructions on how to create item templates.

  11. After a template has been selected, you’ll see that multiple fields have been populated.

  12. If you wish to make any changes to the populated fields, you may do so by clicking on the value you wish to change and selecting it from the menu.


    Make sure the owner is the library, not the branch level.

  13. When selecting a template, the Use template values instead of these (if available) in the Call number area is checked.  You must leave this box checked if you wish to use data from the template.

  14. Because you are using a template, you may leave the Price, Circ status, Renewal Limit, Display in PAC, Non-circulating, Loanable outside system, and Holdable fields in their default state.

  15. You can insert additional rows to the Distribution list, if linking multiple copies.

    1. To do so, click on the Insert Row icon which will allow you to apply a template to the next copy being linked.

    2. You can also change the number of items to the appropriate number of copies.

    3. Click on the (None) field in the Template column to select a template for this copy.

    4. If you insert a new row, select an appropriate template for each copy you are linking.

  16. The process is complete when the numbers in the Item total and Barcode total fields match and you have the expected number of fields in the distribution list.

  17. Once you have completed creating the distribution list, click ‘OK.’

  18. Polaris will now generate a Bulk Created Item Records list from which you may access the individual copies to further review and/or modify.  To do so, select the first item you wish to process.

  19. The Item Record workform will appear.


    If linking a single periodical, the Bulk Created Item Records list would not appear and you would be brought directly to this workform.

  20.  Review the various fields and make changes where appropriate.

  21. Next, move to the Call number section.  Enter the name of the periodical in the Class field and the issue date or any unique issue identifier in the Cutter field.

  22. When you are satisfied with your changes, click the Save icon, or type CTRL+S on your keyboard, or select File, Save.


    When you are ready to mark your items as Available, that is, when they are ready to be shelved and circulated, you must Check in each copy to change their Circulation status from In-Process to Available.

    Please refer to section C 5: Checking in Newly Linked Items section of the manual for instruction to how to process newly linked items.

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