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D 2: Registering a Patron


  1. To create a Patron Record , click on the New icon on the Polaris Shortcut Bar , or type CTRL+N on your keyboard, or select File , New .

  2. Next, select Patron Record from the Objects section in the New pop-up window.

  3. Click ' OK '.
  4. The Address and Phone View of the New Patron Registration workform appears. 


    The following fields are bolded and are required in order to save the patron record: Barcode , Last Name , First Name , Registered at , Patron code , Term , Date and Addresses , Phone Numbers .

  5. Begin by scanning or entering the barcode from the library card in the Barcode field.

  6. Enter the patron's last name, first name and middle name or initial in the Last name , First Name , and Middle name fields respectively.  Select the Title .  You may also enter a Suffix , such as JR.,SR., or III if necessary, in the Suffix field.


    Be sure to enter all the text in UPPERCASE.


    Be sure to enter compound last names correctly.  For, example, enter MACDONALD , not MAC DONALD and DA VINCI , not DAVINCI .

  7. The Registered at field should read your library.

  8. Move to the Patron code field and select the appropriate patron code from the drop-down menu.


    Most libraries will use the following patron codes: Adult , Bulkloan , Courtesy , Juvenile , and Pay .


    Please refer section D 6: Registering Non-Resident Cards of the manual for instructions on how to register Courtesy, and Pay patrons.

  9. Next, move to the Expiration field and, if necessary, select an appropriate term.  By default, 3 years from the date of registration is selected.  This may need to be adjusted, as in the case of Pay patrons whose cards should be registered to expire one year from date of issue.

    If you need to register a patron for less than the default 3-year term, use one of the following methods to change the registration term:

    1. Relative Date

      To set the expiration date based on the date the card is issued, enter or select a number in the Term field, and select months or years from the drop-down menu.  The exact date is automatically calculated and appears in the Date field.

    2. Exact Date - Manual Entry

      To manually enter an exact expiration date, click inside the date field and enter the appropriate date.  You can use the right arrow key to go from segment to segment of the date field.  When manually entering a specific date, the Term field will change automatically to exact date .

    3. Exact Date - Calendar

      To select the expiration date from a calendar, click on the down arrow in the Date field and select the appropriate expiration date from the calendar. 

  10. Move to the Addresses , Phone Numbers section of the New Patron Registration workform.

  11. Click on the Add button to add a patron's address.

  12. The Add/Edit Address pop-up will appear.


    Notice that the Country , Postal Code , City , County and State/province have been filled in for you.  This is set by the Postal code (zip).

  13. If you wish to change the City , County , State/province fields, enter a new zip code in the Postal code field and that data will be automatically generated.


    If Polaris can't match the postal code to a single existing city, county, or state, a pop-up will appear where you can select the appropriate match.

  14.   Select the type of address from the Type drop-down menu.

  15. Move to the Street 1 field and enter the patron's street address.

  16. Move to the Street 2 field and enter additional information, such as apartment number or suite, or you may leave it blank.

  17. Click ' OK ' when finished.

  18. The patron's address now appears in the Addresses , Phone Numbers section.

  19. If you need to add additional addresses, click the Add button and proceed as before.

  20. If you need to make changes to the address, select the address and click the Edit button or right-click on the address and select Edit and make the appropriate changes.

  21. If you wish to remove an address, select the address you wish to remove and click the Remove button or right-click on the address and select Remove .

  22. Finally, if you wish to generate a mailing label for this patron, select the address and click the Mailing Label button or right-click and select Mailing Label , however, the patron's record must be saved in order for you to generate a mailing label.

  23. Move to the Address Check section.

    Based on registration date, Polaris can generate an alert requesting that the patron's address be checked.  Because all BCCLS library cards are set to expire at three years or less and an address check will be conducted at that time, we recommend leaving this setting at the default of 99 years, eliminating the occurrence of an address check alert.

  24. Move to the Notices address field.

    Select the address at which the patron would like to have overdue notices and bills mailed.   The choices in the drop-down menu will reflect the address type(s) chosen when adding the patron's address.  The default setting is the first address in the Address , Phone Numbers section.

  25. Move to the Notification option field.

  26. Select the method by which the patron will be sent overdue and hold notifications, only Mailing Address Email Address  , or TXT Messaging should be selected.  Telephony and faxing overdue notices are not currently enabled.


    If Email Address is chosen for the Notification option , hold notifications and overdue notifications will be sent electronically and the final bill will be printed and mailed to the patron by the item's home library.


    If an email address is added to the patron's record, reminder notices will be sent automatically.  Reminder notices include pre-overdues (item about to be due), pre-expiration (library card about to expire), and inactivity notification (no activity on patron record for some time). You can opt out of these courtesy notices on the  General  view of the  Patron Registration workform.

  27.  Select the Additional TXT notice option if a patron wishes to receive an additional notice as a text.  The patron would still receive either an email or printed notice.  Staff should confirm patron approval before enabling this feature.

  28. Move to the eReceipt option field.

    Select Email Address if a patron wishes to receive checkout, renewal, and fine receipts electronically.  

    Note: eReceipts

    For more information about receipt options and electronic receipts, please refer to the Appendix G: Receipts .

  29. Move to the Email address field and enter the patron's email address.

  30. You may enter an alternate email address in the Alt Email Address field found across from the Email address field.  


    Any emails sent by Polaris will be sent to both email addresses.

  31. Move to the Phone 1 field and enter the patron's phone number.  The area code defaults to your town's area code.

  32. If the phone number is for a mobile phone, be sure to select the appropriate carrier and enable texting by putting a checkmark in the box beneath TXT should text notification become enabled.


    Only one mobile phone number can be set to receive text messages.

  33. If you wish to enter additional phone numbers, do so in the Phone 2 and Phone 3 fields.

  34. You may leave the FAX number field blank.

  35. Click on the General icon to change the New Patron Registration workform view from the Address and Phone view to the General view.


    The following fields are bolded and are required in order to save the patron record: Barcode , Last name , First name , Registered at , Patron code , Statistical class, and Password .

  36.   The Statistical class field should read the county and town of your library. 

  37. Move to the Password field and enter a password for the patron to use when accessing their account online.


    A password can have from 4 to 16 characters and can contain letters and/or numbers.

  38. You may leave the other fields in the General section blank or at their default values.


    The Maintain reading list option should NEVER be set by library staff.  Patrons will have the choice of opting in to this feature via their online account. 

  39.   Move to the User defined fields section.

  40. If your library requires validation for use of the internet through internet management software, such as Envisionware, select Yes or No from the Internet option field to allow or disallow patron access.  It is not necessary to select Yes or No if your library grants access to all patrons.

  41. When you are satisfied with the patron record you have created, click the Save icon, or type CTRL+S on your keyboard, or select File , Save .

  42. Polaris will now perform a duplicate patron check.  Polaris will check the patron's full name, phone number, and email address for matches.  If the check yielded possible duplicates, the Duplicate Patrons pop-up would appear.

  43. Select an entry and either double-click or right-click, and select Open to investigate.

  44. If you are satisfied that none of the duplicate possibilities match the patron you are registering, click Continue to save the patron record.
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