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BCCLS Delivery Task Force Meeting

Friday, August 9, 2019 - 9:30am

New Milford Library


*Minutes from the task force’s June 27, 2019 meeting have been updated on the Knowledge Base to reflect a correction of items vs. bins pertaining to the warehouse backlog. Also, they are filed properly under 2019.


Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 9:37am by Stephanie Bellucci, Chair.



Present - Stephanie Bellucci, Cliffside Park/Chair; Gretchen Kaser, Ho-Ho-Kus; Ellen O’Keefe, Glen Rock; Peter Coyl, Montclair; Dave Hanson, BCCLS; Eric Lozauskas, BCCLS; Gerry McMahon, Franklin Lakes; Christine Zeni, BCCLS; Terrie McColl, New Milford; Judah Hamer, Rutherford

Absent - Sarah Lester, Maplewood; Len LoPinto, Paramus; Adele Puccio, Fair Lawn; Kurt Hadeler, Mahwah


  1. Stephanie began the meeting by noting that the task force visited RCLS exactly one year ago today to learn about their delivery service. She commended the group on having BCCLS’ delivery system up and running after such a short time. 


  1. Current status of delivery

    1. Dave stated that everything is out of the warehouse except for some occasional bins from Route 2. The seasonal addition of Route 6 is helping tremendously and allows the drivers to return to the warehouse earlier. This allows for more sorting to take place, so a backlog is avoided. Morale is up among drivers and staff.

    2. The few issues that are still being worked through include mixed bins, missing slips, and loose discs. Christine stated that CD’s tend to fall out of their cases if they are not rubber banded when packed. She and Joseph will make a video to demonstrate proper packing techniques for member libraries. In terms of items damaged in transit, there does not seem to be one group at fault. It is the cost of doing business. Christine will speak to the drivers again about using care when handling items.

    3. The gutter and roof of the warehouse need slight repair after being hit recently by one of the rental trucks. Dave stated this expense would come out of capital and would not affect BCCLS billing; there is already a significant savings in capital because of the bins being cheaper than anticipated. 

    4. Four of the five permanent vans are in, and the fifth is expected to arrive on Monday. They will likely be rolled out on a Wednesday so they can ease in on a lower volume day. The task force had the opportunity to view the Route 2 van and was pleased with it. The temporary route will continue to utilize a rental. 

    5. Dave shared a report detailing the daily volume across the six routes over the course of a week. Volume clearly fluctuates depending on the day, with some differentials being as high as 30%. Tuesdays seem to be the busiest days. Volume tapers off at the end of the week, except for Route 3 - this route is fairly consistent throughout. 

III. Temporary sixth route

  1. Once August is over and summer volume has died down, the need to maintain a sixth route on a permanent basis can be reevaluated. The money already budgeted per library does include a sixth route and van. The current Route 6 has not yet been optimized; it was created to take some of the burden off the existing routes. If the route becomes permanent, it would likely be shifted. 

  2. Although circulation typically dips after the summer, many libraries will be open more hours beginning in September. It remains to be seen how this will affect delivery volume; more will be known in mid-late September. 

IV.Update from Finance Committee

      A.The Finance Committee of the Executive Board met last week. As promised, a 

full accounting of YTD costs will be provided to the membership in September - 

probably later in the month to give the committee time to gather the necessary 


      B.Most startup costs have been expended at this point. The only one remaining 

would be if BCCLS were to purchase a sixth van. More information on final costs 

will be available once the decision is made about a sixth route in September.

      C.Dave said the idea to give libraries a credit on their fourth quarter bill is still likely 

to work out. 

V. Substitute drivers

    A.Christine stated there is currently one sub on staff. She is still interviewing more. 

Many promising candidates are reluctant to commit because there is no 

guarantee of a certain number of hours per week. 

     B.Stephanie asked if it would be possible to allocate a set number of sub hours per 

week. Even if they are not driving, they could work on tasks like sorting in the warehouse, doing ridealongs and sorting on the trucks, etc. 

     C.Dave noted that overtime pay is included in the sub budget. With the addition of a 

sixth route, overtime would likely not be needed.

VI. Non-BCCLS items

    A.The current process for non-BCCLS (JerseyCat, ReBL) items is very labor 

intensive, and Christine is spending approximately eight hours per week unpacking, scanning, and repacking these items. She noted that she sees more items going out in JerseyCat than being returned for non-BCCLS libraries.

    B.TForce delivers to the BCCLS warehouse on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, 

but not at a set time. Dave will speak with LLNJ to see if there can be more consistency. 

    C.A discussion ensued of whether the BCCLS processes for these items can be 

streamlined. A group of libraries - perhaps one route - will beta test this. If it works out favorably, it will be officially rolled out after Labor Day.

 Adjournment: 11:04am

Next meeting: TBD.


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