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D11: Online Patron Registration


Patrons can apply for library cards online through the BCCLS website or the public access catalog (PAC).

When applying for a card online, the patron will asked to complete a form similar to the following:

The First NameLast NameStreet 1Password, and password Verification are required fields.  The remaining fields may or may not be filled in.  The data the patron enters will be used to generate a temporary patron record in Polaris.


Upon submission of the form, an email will be sent to the patron's selected library.


  1. When the patron arrives at the library to complete the application process, retrieve the email, verify proof of residency, and use the information in the email to search for the patron record in Polaris using the Patron Record Find Tool.


    Please refer to sections B1: The Polaris Find Tool – Overview and B4: The Polaris Find Tool – Patron Records of the manual for instructions on how to access and use the Patron Record Find Tool to retrieve patron records.

  2.  To search for the patron's record, enter the patron's name in the For field.

  3. Hit 'Enter' on your keyboard or the Search button to execute your search.

  4. Select the patron record to open the Patron Registration workform from which you will make modifications to the patron record.

  5. Move through the workform and make necessary changes and/or additions.

      1. Enter a new Barcode

      2. Rewrite all data in UPPERCASE

      3. Change the Patron Code field to the appropriate patron code

      4. Set the Expiration term

      5. Be sure to enter a Notification option, Email address, and Phone number if not present
  6. Click on the General icon to change the Patron Registration workform to the General view.

  7. Move through the workform and make necessary changes and/or additions.

    1. Select the appropriate Statistical class.

    2. Gender and Birth date are an option on the online registration form and if filled in will be added to the patron's record.  It is up to your library's policies whether you wish to keep this data in the patron's record.  If not necessary, you may select N/A for Gender and uncheck the checkbox in the Birth date field.

  8. When you are satisfied with the patron record you have created, click the Save icon, or type CTRL+S on your keyboard, or select File, Save.

  9. Patrons registering via online registration have a block put on their records pending completion of registration at the library.  When saving the record, a pop-up will appear requesting confirmation to remove this block.  Click 'Remove block' to remove the block.

  10. Polaris will now perform a duplicate check.  Polaris will check the patron's full name, phone1, and email address for matches.  If the check yielded possible duplicates, the Duplicate Patrons pop-up would appear.

  11. Select an entry and either double-click or right-click, and select Open to investigate.

  12. If you are satisfied that none of the duplicate possibilities match the patron you are registering, click Continue to save the patron record.
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