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E 7: Bulk Check In



Use the Bulk Mode view of the Check In workform to check-in materials in bulk.  This is most commonly used for checking in materials from the book drop.  Using Bulk Mode Check In will yield pop-ups for items trapped to fill holds or items that need to be returned to owning libraries, but will not generate a pop-up for issues related to the payment of fines and other blocks.


  1. To access the Bulk Mode view of the Check In workform, click on the Check In icon found within the Circulation orb of the Polaris Shortcut Bar, or select Circulation, Check In, or click F2

  2. The Check In workform will appear.

  3. Click on the Bulk Mode view icon.

  4. The Check In – Bulk workform will appear.

  5. Scan or manually enter the item barcodes in the Item barcode field.


    If you need to search for an item’s barcode, click the Find button at the end of the Item Barcode field.  This will yield the Item Records Find Tool.

    If using the Item Record Find Tool to retrieve items, the item’s barcode will automatically populate the Item barcode in the Check InBulk workform when selected.


    Please refer to sections B1: The Polaris Find Tool – Overview and B3: The Polaris Find Tool – Item Records of the manual for instructions on how to access and use the Item Record Find Tool to retrieve item records.

  6. If you need to backdate a check-in to prevent overdue fines, select the number of days from the Free days value.   For example, you may set the number of Free days to the number of days your library was closed before the bulk check-in.

  7. When the items appear in the Bulk Mode field, the items have been successfully checked in.  Confirmation is found at the bottom of the workform.



If an item belongs to another library, a pop-up will appear informing you that the item does not belong to your library and asks if you wish to put it In Transit to the owning library.

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