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03-15: Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal Phenomena

Aquarius, Pisces, Leo, Scorpio! Which Zodiac sign are you?

Is there a spell that will help me win the lottery?

Can my palm tell me how many times I will get married?

Do ghosts really exist?

What does it mean if I dream about chocolate?

The term “paranormal” refers to a broad category of phenomena that lie outside the everyday experiences of most people. Paranormal phenomena are generally viewed as existing beyond the scope and measurement abilities of current science; in other words, they are things that cannot be proven using scientific methods. ("Paranormal Phenomena." Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2015. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 25 Feb. 2015.)

According to the CREW manual (10/3/MUSTIE), books on the paranormal generally receive high use and should be kept until worn. It will be necessary to replace lost and stolen titles regularly since this category includes the popular topics of witchcraft, fortune telling, dream interpretation, and astrology. High use and wear generally ensures that a fresh supply of books is available.


Suggestions for Weeding

  •  Exploring Wicca: the beliefs, bites and rituals of the Wiccan religion by Lady Sabrina, 2000 (156414481X)
  •  The Wicca Source Book: the complete guide for the modern witch by Gerina Dunwich, 1998 (0806520272)
  •  Teen Witch: Wicca for a new generation by Silver Ravenwolf, 1998 (1567187250)
  •  On Reading Palms by Peggy Thomson, 1974 (0136342469)
  •  Star Signs by Leonard Everett Fisher, 1983 (0823404919)
  •  KISS Guide to Astrology by Julia Parker, 2000 (0789460440)

Since this is a high use collection, replacing worn material is suggested. If you have material in this collection that hasn't circulated in 3 years or more, consider purchasing some of the newer and core titles below.

*Linda Goodman's Sun Signs (1970, c1968) is a valuable astrology resource. Only weed if the condition of the book unrepairable.


Suggestions for Purchase

  • Dream On It: unlock your dreams, change your life by Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, 2011 (9780312644321)
  • Linda Goodman's Love Signs by Linda Goodman, 2013 reissue edition (9780060968960)
  • The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need by Joanna Martine Woolfolk,  2012 (9781589796539)
  • The Outer Temple of Witchcraft: Circles, Spells and Rituals by Christopher Penczak, 2012 (9780738705316)
  • The Secret Language of Birthdays: personology profiles for each day of the year by Gary Goldschneider, 2013 (0670858579)
  • Wicca for Beginners: fundamentals of philosophy and practice by Thea Sabin, 2010, c2006 (9780738707518)
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