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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

(Grades K - 5)

Number of Attendees:

25-50 (or however many you can afford prizes for)


1 hour

Room/Tech Setup:

Arrange the room so that each station has its own table

Pumpkin bowling can use 3 tables arranged on their sides to form a "catch" for the rolling pumpkins.


Website, Flyer, Outdoor Sign


This program is best suited to the late autumn. This can be used as a Halloween alternative program.

Additionally, this program works best with a lot of staff/volunteer help. It is best to have 1 staff member or volunteer at each station.  Typically, 4 stations and a table for snacks works well.  Below are 4 station ideas that have been successful.   Should you not have the resources to host a whole festival, ech of these ideas works well as a stand-alone craft or activity. 


  • Apple Slices
  • Air Popped Popcorn
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Apple Juice or Cider


Pumpkin Bowling

Cost: About $15.


  • 6 empty, clean 2 liter soda bottles (covered in Turkey clip art attached)
  • 3 (or more in case of breakage) small pumpkins with the stems removed
  • Painters Tape or Masking tape
  • Small Prizes

First, simply tape off a long section of floor to act as a bowling lane. It helps if you have a table or three to turn on their sides to act as a catch (and a stopper!) for wayward bowling balls. Mark a start line on the floor. Arrange soda bottles at the end of the lane, bowling pin style.  Allow each child 2 attempts at knocking down all the bottles.  If successful within 2 attempts, they can win a small prize.  

Sharpie Cross Stitch

Cost: Under $5


  • Markers
  • Graph Paper
  • Pencils w/erasers

Mark out a design by making x’s in the squares of the graph paper. Typically, we encourage easy fruit and veggie themed pictures or simple phrases.

Snap-Apple (or Donut)

Cost: $10-$15


  • String
  • An apple (or donut) per child

Suspend the apple (or donut) on a length of string from the ceiling at about mouth height of your players. The object of the game is to take a bite out of the apple (or donut) without using your hands. The rules can be made more easy or difficult depending on the age of your players. Donuts are easier than apples. Players may be asked to either simple take one bite out of their food (easier) or to have to bite the food entirely off the string (harder). 

Yarn Apples

Cost: Under $10


  • Yarn  (in red or green), approx. 6-8 ft. length for each child
  • Brown Pipe Cleaners, 1 per child, cut in half
  • Cardboard rectangles cut to approx. 3 in. x 5 in.

Each child needs a piece of cardboard, but the cardboard can be reused for the next child once one has finished.  Make a slight bend in the cardboard by holding it long ways and creasing the center. Turn the cardboard horizontally and begin wrapping the yarn around the cardboard near the center. Try to keep the yarn wrapping on itself, like you would do in making a pompom. When the yarn has run out, slide one of the pipe cleaner halves under the yarn (between the yarn and the cardboard) and twist it.  Slide the yarn off the cardboard and secure the second half of the pipe cleaner in the same way the first was tied, but on the opposite side of the yarn ball.  Trim the pipe cleaners with scissors to make them look like an apple stem. Lastly, finger fluff your yarn ball until it is nice and round. 

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