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Comic Con

Comic Con

(All Ages)

Number of Attendees:

Prep for 100+ attendees


Program is advertised for 4 hours, but subject to change depending on your planned activities and guest speakers

Budget/Supplies (*per attendee):

*Note: This information is based on number of attendees listed above, as well as planned activities, guests/performances, donations from various businesses in your area.

Important Paperwork


  • laptop with connection to a projector
  • microphone and speakers
  • Apple TV with connection to a projector
  • iPad
  • Wii game console and games with connection to a projector

Arts & Crafts

  • blank paper
  • crayons
  • pencils
  • white board
  • easel with markers


  • Registration prize bags for joining Summer Reading Program
  • Various prizes and give aways (donations) from local businesses

*Cosplayers, encourage/get attendees and volunteers to dress up for the event!

Room/Tech Setup:

*Because of the size of this program I broke down the room set up based on the two floors (1st and 3rd floors) utilized during the event. This can change depending on the size of your space, number of volunteers, and activities/performers for the program.

*Please refer to PDF(s) Comic Con Layout of 3rd fl. and Comic Con Layout of Auditorium.

Helpful Websites:

*Pictures from the event


  • Flyer
  • Website
  • In-person promotion to schools, etc.

Description of the Program:

  • Is there a good time of year to implement this program?

    • Due to this year’s summer reading theme(Every Hero Has a Story/Unmasked), I implemented this program for the Teen Summer Reading Kick-Off Party. However, I think it can be achieved any time of the year.

  • Are there factors to keep in mind when planning this program (i.e. room setup, safety issues, age range, parental help)?

    • The most important thing to do when planning on hosting a Comic Con is to reach out to local businesses and presenters that would be interested in participating (for free) at this type of event. Advertising the event and calling on local artists and writers are key. You would be surprised to see just how many people are interested once they hear the words Comic Con. We had the following partnerships:

      • East Side Mags (Comic Book Store)

      • Just Kidding Around (Toy Store)

      • Gamers Paradise (Video Game Store)

      • Art Garage (Art Studio)

      • Superheroes for Hospice

      • Local Graphic Novel Artists/Writers (Jorge Aguirre, Eric Davies, Paul Castiglia, Stephen Coughlin, Mark Mariano, Alex Simmons, Brian Smith, Vicent Del Vecchio Jr.)

    • Make sure to advertise a no weapons policy.

  • Would this work best at a specific time (morning, after school, evening)?

    • Noon was the best time for a four hour program.

  • Did you get feedback and create evaluations?

    • A LOT of positive feedback from attendees as well as presenters/guest speakers/partnerships. Would definitely consider hosting another one in the future.



*Room set up alternation would be less chairs (30 not 50 set up in the auditorium). I found that it was a bit cramped and it would have flowed better with just a bit more space available.

*East Side Mags, the local comic bookstore was a life line for me. Jeff Beck, the owner did a fantastic job reaching out to local artists, professional photographer, and Cosplayers. Without him I don’t think I would have gotten as many guest speakers at the event.

*Just Kidding Around toy store supplied the arts and crafts activities for the event. They made sure to have the right type for all ages.  Again, depending on your budget I am sure you can find an easy craft for the event.

*Teen Volunteers are essential! They made life 10 times easier for the event they did various assignments such as sign up patrons for Summer Reading, dressed up taking pictures with kids, assisting tables and authors, etc...Food, community service hours, and prizes are key to getting help from teens.

*Please take a look at the PDF hand out for the event (Comic Con Handout). This goes in depth of everything that happened in the event. Sorry that it is out of order, it is a booklet format. Please feel free to email me with any further questions you may have: justin.kontonicolaou@montclair.bccls.org

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