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Long Overdue Check

Long Overdue Check

The name for this report is so misleading that you might skip it. Did you know that Long Overdue Check lists items which are not just long overdue? You'll have all your items that have been in transit, enroute for a patron, on hold, and being repaired for longer than six months in one report in one place that can be dealt with at ONE time, plus any items that have been checked out for longer than six months for which due dates have been manually reset.

  1. Log in to collectionHQ

  2. Hover over Manage, and click on a module – this report is available and useful for Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Non-Book (for this example, we will select Non-Book)

  3. Under Collection Maintenance, click Long Overdue Check

  4. Leave Dataset Name as the most recent date and Region Name as All, unless you are one of the libraries with a branch, in which case you would select your town

  5. For Library Name, select your library

  6. For Collection Code, selecting All will give you the whole collection; if you wish to deal with a small section at a time click the drop-down arrow and select the section you wish to work on (for this example, we will use Adult DVDs, so we will click the drop-down arrow and scroll down through Adult Non-Book, past all the collection codes in the Blu-Ray group, until we see the DVD group, and click on it) - Note: This is a report that should eventually be run for your entire collection (each module, each audience level, each type of item, etc.) in order to find and address all your items that are in the various 'long overdue' statuses for more than six months

  7. Leave Language as All (you will be able to sort or filter by language as needed within the report)

  8. Leave New Entries Only as No

  9. Click Run

  10. Customize your report as you wish, using Advanced Options to make barcodes visible and sorting by Call Number to make checking circ status and searching shelves easier - the video of BCCLS collectionHQ Report Basics offers instructions on customizing the report

  11. At this time collectionHQ does not list the current circ status of an item in this report, in order to indicate if it is 'being repaired', 'in transit', 'on hold', etc. - instead, this can be done quickly and easily using scannable barcodes to check the status of each item in Polaris once the report is printed, or in some cases by clicking on the ISBN link for each item within this report to view its status in the BCCLS web catalog

  12. Print the finalized report by clicking your choice of the Print View, PDF Export, Data Export, or Excel Export options

  13. Check shelves, holds shelves, packing areas, repair shelves, etc. for each item in the report, communicating with other libraries these items are in transit from, enroute to, or on hold at, as necessary

  14. Check in any items that are found, and mark any items missing that are not found (after all libraries involved have checked for the items)

Complete this report in its entirety, for all collections and collection codes. Run this report monthly, as each dataset becomes available, regardless of any other reports you are working on. This report does not affect or depend on any of the other reports. Each library that runs this report will be presented with items that have been in these various statuses for six months or more, without being billed to a patron's account. Items that show up on a library's report that have been checked out for six months or more without being billed to a patron's account will not necessarily be items owned by that library - checked out items will appear on the checkout library's long overdue report. As such, each library will benefit from running this report monthly, investigating each item in Polaris, and checking library shelves as needed.

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