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Drop-in Magazine ART for Earth Day

Drop-in Magazine ART for Earth Day

(3 and up)

Number of Attendees:

Prep for 25-30 participants


Program is advertised for 2 hours, but activity varies according to the child/teen and their abilities.

Budget/Supplies (*per attendee):

*Note: This information is based on number of attendees listed above.

  • 30 white card stock paper (or blank sheets of computer paper)
  • 50 (or more) discarded magazines
  • 5 various animal templates
  • Rainbow template
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, color pencils, markers, pencils
  • Glue, glue sticks


Room/Tech Setup:

  • Used four tables to craft
  • 1 table to hold supplies

Helpful Websites:

*The following website are just a few of the ones I found on Pinterest and Internet search. They provide great examples of magazine art and collages. Activity can be expanded upon!






*Here is my Pinterest wall of some more ideas I plan to have at the program:



Description of the Program

  • Is there a good time of year to implement this program?
    • I am planning on implementing this program during Earth Day.
    • One of my tasks at work includes discarding old magazines in the JUV and YA dept. I always felt that it was a waste to throw out perfectly good magazines. So to alleviate this issue, I have been either holding them aside or giving them out to patrons (usually moms) who do activities with their children. I couldn't think of a better time to do this craft but honestly I think it can be done any time of the year.
  • Are there factors to keep in mind when planning this program (i.e. room setup, safety issues, age range, parental help)?
    • Absolutely! Especially since it is a drop in craft, you have to factor in a number of issues.
      • Room setup: There will be four tables set up (covered with newspapers—makes clean up faster!) with several chairs all around.
      • Safety issues: Scissors will be kept on the supply table and handed out to either a parent/guardian or a teen volunteer.
      • Because it is a drop in craft, any child in various ages and abilities may come in to participate in the craft. It is definitely suggested to ask the parent to stay and help with the activity or if you are lucky enough, have a teen volunteer assist the child during.
  • Would this work best at a specific time (morning, after school, evening)?
    • Afterschool around 3pm
  • Did you get feedback and create evaluations?
    • N/a


*In celebration of Earth Day, we are planning on turn all our old discarded magazines into pieces of art.

*With the help of many teen volunteers we will be doing the following prep before the program:

            1) Creating animal templates (bear, butterfly, fish, and elephant) out of card board

            2) Outlining animal templates and/or making rainbow templates on white card stock paper, for the

younger kids to work on during the program

3) Ripping and separating various colors (of the rainbow) for younger kids to paste onto their rainbow

*Allow and encourage participants to make as many pieces of art they like, provide more magazines to take home, and allow those who wish to the chance to make something different.

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