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Polaris Post: 01/05/2016

Happy New Year!

Let's start things off right, with a much anticipated Polaris Post!

90 Days Overdue
The block that is added to lost items which are also more than 90 days overdue is not automatically removed if the item is accepted back by the item owning library. The item owning library must remove the block when accepting a lost item back into circulation.

Accruing Status
The Accruing description, which appears in association with claimed or lost items, indicates that there are fines never charged to the patron's account, but which could have been charged under different circumstances. Some library systems (not BCCLS) allows estimated fines from claims and lost items to count against the patron and this descriptor lets staffers know which claims/lost items are sources of potential fines. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to remove this term from the system.

The claimed/lost items will not appear on the patrons' account once the items have been withdrawn. For this reason, it is important to follow proper procedure and withdraw lost items when they are paid.  For claimed items, check them in and mark them missing after enough time has passed to allow staff to double check the shelves and ensure the item is truly missing.
Report: Lost and Paid
With the last Polaris upgrade, patrons are able to see claimed and lost items on their accounts.  Many libraries are discovering that they have forgotten to withdraw a lost item even though the patron has paid for the item.  Did you know there is a report which can help you find lost items that have been paid for?  From the BCCLS Staff home page, go to:
Reports > BCCLS Custom Reports > Lost and Paid
This report lists all lost items for which a payment has been made (and not yet withdrawn).  In some cases, the payment will only be partial (if the patron only paid half, for example).  You can look up the status of the item and withdraw it in Polaris.

Report: Bib Records Added for You
With the forthcoming implementation of SkyRiver, the cataloging utility that will enable libraries to submit database addition requests electronically, BCCLS catalogers are no longer adding a submitting library identifier in the bibliographic record (ex. 997  $aALDL).  As a result, this report will no longer provide data and will be removed as an option at the end of January.

Gentle Reminder: Card Acceptance Policy
Please remember that it is BCCLS policy that all patrons must have their physical library cards in order to check out items.  If you make exceptions for your patrons, remind them from time to time that it is a courtesy and they are expected to follow policy when using the other libraries in BCCLS.
Gentle Reminder: Holds
There have been several reports of cancelled holds in the recent past.  When checking in an item, please make sure to reactivate any holds that you cannot fill.
Statistical Class Codes
The following statistical class codes have been added to Polaris, for use when linking items.
  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Paranormal
  • Psychology
If you have any questions or comments, let me know. Have a great day!
Trevor D
Trevor Diamond
Integrated Systems Librarian
Hackensack, NJ
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