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Cupcake Wars

Cupcake Wars

(Tweens & Teens)


1.5 Hours

Number of Attendees

10 to 20


Two cupcakes each person (chocolate and vanilla), white frosting, plastic spoons, toppings (various candies, cereals, cookies. We even had bacon bits), cupcake cups to portion out toppings, plastic gloves. Cooking trivia questions (what is julienne, what does poach mean, etc.). We used toothpicks, paper streamers or toilet paper, whisks or other odd kitchen item.

Description of Program

I paired off teens, then let each teen come up and pick a preset number of items (toppings) from a table. I picked team numbers from a hat, and gave them 10 seconds to pick. When everyone had picked, I gave them the theme (that way when they are picking they don't know what it will be. Our themes were “The Beach” and “Superheroes”). Then I picked random "impediments" from a bag for each team. These included using team mate's hands instead of yours, tying legs together, tying hand behind the back, blindfolding, and whisk hands. Both teammates were involved, so if you got tying hands behind back, both people on team had one hand behind back. We used paper streamers to tie. If they broke we retied, but I felt it was safer than string in case they tripped and fell, they can be clumsy) Every few minutes we would pick again from the "Impediment" bag. In between, I asked trivia questions related to cooking. The team who got the right answer got to come up and pick another item from the table. It was so much fun. Since it was cupcakes, each team member decorated their own. We judged the cupcakes individually by how well they fit the theme, how original, and best use of materials. You could apply the same to a team, but include how well the two items go together, too.  


Between $50-75. I baked and donated the cupcakes myself, but I am sure you could purchase them undecorated. I bought our toppings and whisks at the Dollar store. Cupcakes can be purchased at Shoprite for $13 for 2 Dozen.

Trivia Questions

I adapted the questions from buzzfeed quizzes like this one.


Submitted by

Marie Joyce (marie.joyce@washingtontwp.bccls.orgWashington Twp. Library



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