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Polaris Post: 03/08/2016

Good morning!
A short Polaris Post today, but it's been a while so I wanted to get this information out.
Fine Blocks
Since the implementation of Polaris, there are two levels of blocks on a patron account related to monies owed.  For patrons who owe more than $5, an advisory block appears indicating the patron owes money. The wording on this block is:
Patron owes money.  Amount due: $X.XX
This block does not prevent the patron from renewing online or checking out downloadable materials.  Library staff can check out to the patron without requiring payment (although it would polite to let the patron know that fines are owed).
When the patron owes $10 or more, another block is added to the account. The wording is as follows:
Patron has exceeded maximum fees permitted. Amount due: $X.XX
This block will prevent patron activity online (renewing online, checking out downloadables) and should not be ignored by staff.
Statistical Classes
The following statistical classes have been modified.
  • Albanian Language Materials (added)
  • Hindu > Hindi Language Materials
Leap Circulation Training
A reminder that we are offering training in the BCCLS office for Leap Circulation.  This training is optional.
  • If the classes offered fill up, more dates will be offered.
  • Each library may send up to a total of 2 staffers (3 if you have a branch).
  • If sending multiple staffers, the registrations may be together or for separate classes, as suits the need of the library.

Training Dates:
If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!
Have a great week!
Trevor D
Trevor Diamond
Integrated Systems Librarian
Hackensack, NJ
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