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Promote & Develop Your Library’s Collection

Promote & Develop Your Library's Collection

CollectionHQ is a fantastic tool, not only for weeding your collection, but also for marketing the materials you already own and for identifying and purchasing items that will be in demand. By entering a few simple search terms, you can get lists of the most popular or recently added items, removing the burden of time-consuming data entry and report creating.  These lists can be used to make displays, create purchasing wishlists, and even to send those wishlists to a cart in your Baker & Taylor account for future purchase!

Promote Your Collection

Patrons love to find out what other people are reading, watching and listening to, and check those titles out for themselves. CollectionHQ offers two ways to find and market your most popular items, the Top Charts and the Discovery lists.  Top Charts creates a printable list of your (or another BCCLS library's or the whole system's) highest circulating items from the past month in an amount you choose (Top 50, 100, etc.).  You can search for the top titles or authors and you can limit by subject or genre to come up with great lists like the Top 20 Cookbooks, Top 50 Mysteries, or Top 100 Audiobooks.  Like Top Charts, Discovery shows the highest circulating items, but allows you to customize the search parameters to expand the time period, library size, and publication date range, just to name a few. You can print your Discovery lists with color images of the items, meaning the possibilities for creating eye catching displays are as endless as your ability to get creative.  Print these lists to create a display, or link them to your website, or pin them to the corresponding shelves in your library to promote popular or recently added titles. Or, you can keep them in a binder with other bestseller lists.  There are so many ways to use these lists to attract new audiences to your items.


Top Charts:

  1. Log in to collectionHQ

  2. Hover over Promote, and click on Top Charts

  3. In the column on the far left, choose which collection you would like to explore - click on Fiction, Non-Fiction, or Non-Book for DVDs, audiobooks, etc. (Fiction is the default and will be open already)

  4. Choose whether you would like to examine an individual Library or System-wide for all of BCCLS, and under these options click on Top Author Chart, Top Title Chart, or Recently Added Titles

  5. From the options in the middle of the page, you will now be able to choose from the drop down menus - click on the arrows on the right to choose your Dataset Name (most likely the current month), the Library Name if you are not looking at system-wide charts, and the Collection Code for Fiction or Non-Book, or Class Range if you are pinpointing a subject in Non-Fiction such as Cookbooks or Business Management and Marketing

  6. You can name the report anything you like in Report Title and it will appear on your printout

  7. Enter an amount in Number of Items to indicate how many results you want to appear on your list

  8. Click Run to execute the search

  9. Your list will display and across the top left corner of the screen you will have different options to print or export it - you can print right away by clicking Print View (the printer icon) or export by clicking PDF Export or Excel Export (Note: There are also Advanced Options for customizing the layout of your list)


Top 50 Adult Titles from the Past Year

Develop Your Collection

You can use both of these Top Charts and Discovery lists to pinpoint and purchase items that will be in high demand at your library.  I like to drill down into popular areas of the collection like mystery, cookbooks, crafting, and business management to see what is popular both at my library and others that are similar in population, demographics and size of the collection.  Finding out what is circulating at my own library allows me to purchase similar items or fill in gaps, and determining popular items at similar libraries shows me actual items we don't have and can purchase.  If you use Discovery, you can create wishlists of these items.  If you use Baker & Taylor TS360 or TS3, you can set up a cart link in collectionHQ that connects to your Baker & Taylor account, and you can send your wishlist to a cart in that account for future purchase.  There are many other ways to use collectionHQ to develop your collection, but this is a quick, easy, and fun way to see what is popular across formats and genres.

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