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Polaris Post: 05/04/2016

Merry meet on this marvelous May morning!
Here are a few updates to fulfill your Polaris Post yearnings.
New Tutorials
There are four new tutorials available for Leap in the knowledge base.  You can find the Leap tutorials by accessing the knowledge base and going to the following section
Training > Polaris Leap > Tutorials
The new additions are:
Hold Status Update
In order to reduce potential confusion, the request status of Shipped is being updated to read On the way when a patron views their requests in the online catalog.
Dusty Books
CollectionHQ provides the reports you need to take the dusty books out of your collection (Collection Check, Long Overdue Check, Dead Items).  You can find the collectionHQ webinar and userguide here:
If you have not been trained in collectionHQ, you can use SimplyReports to create a dusty report for your library.  You can find the guidelines for a dusty book report in the knowledge base here:
Dusty Patrons
There are two options for cleaning up dusty patrons.  Here is a step by step guide to creating a list via SimplyReports:

As a reminder, you can create a record set using SimplyReports and then consider/delete all patrons individually.  Bulk patron deletion can be a tedious process for library staff, since you must acknowledge, one by one, any issues that would prevent a patron from being deleted (items checked out, fines owed, etc.).  If you create a record set with all the patrons to be removed, you can emailsupport@bccls.org with the record set information and we can delete the patrons for you.  The record set must contain only those patrons to be deleted (records are not review individually during a bulk deletion).

Alternatively, you can use the form below to ask that the BCCLS office batch remove your patrons according to specific parameters.  A report, for your files, of the patrons deleted can be requested when you fill out the form.  You can fill out the form here:
Please note that only directors may fill out the Dusty Patron Form (you must login with your BCCLS email account).  A director may email polaris@bccls.org directly to authorize another staff member at the library to fill out the form.
Let us know if you have any questions or comments.
Have a great day!
Trevor D
Trevor Diamond
Integrated Systems Librarian
Hackensack, NJ
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