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Polaris Post: 05/25/2016

Good afternoon!

There are several updates to the P&P manual that were approved during System Council on 05/12/2016.
New Section: New Formats and Material Types
There is a new section/policy in the manual regarding how to get new formats added to the catalog (for example, videogames or cake pans).
Requests > Restricted Cards
The language has been updated to include institutional cards, which are functionally equivalent to courtesy cards.  This patron code is unable to place requests in the PAC, but library staff may place requests in the client on behalf of an institutional card type.
Catalog Submissions > Criteria for Submission
The World Language Taskforce worked with the Policies and Procedures committee to create a revised policy on submissions related to world language print materials and video formats (dvds & blu-rays).
Please note that, for world language materials, there is a 5 year limit for fiction and a 3 year limit for non-fiction.  All media must be region 1 or 0 (for dvds) or region A/1 (for blu-rays).
Wording Update
Wherever the words "walk-in" appeared in the manual, the text has been changed to read "on-site".  No policy or recommendation has changed its meaning or intent with this update.  The word change has been made to be more inclusive of all patrons.
If you have questions or comments, please let me know!
Have a great day.

Trevor D
Trevor Diamond
Integrated Systems Librarian
Hackensack, NJ
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