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Polaris Post: 09/07/2016

Happy Summer!

School's starting and the rush of pumpkin has begun (or at least it seems so with the advent of delightful/dreadful Pumpkin Spice Latte at your vendor of choice).  Below are some updates/reminders.
Staff Directory
Please make sure the staff directory is up-to-date for your library.
If changes need to be made, the director (or interim/acting director) can login and make changes.  If you don't know your login information, send a ticket to support@bccls.org.
Barred Patrons
There have been recent reports of barred patrons' records being cleared by a library that is not the barred patron's home library. As per the Policies & Procedures Manual, barred status can only be cleared by the home library:
"Barred status can only be cleared by the home library, or new home library."
New Patron Code: Young Adult
A new patron code is available for use when registering patrons: Young Adult. This patron code is considered a resident card along with Adult and Juvenile. Please keep in mind there is no BCCLS policy regarding the use of Adult vs. Juvenile vs. Young Adult.  Any restrictions or rules applied at your library (example, Juvenile cards are unable to check out rated R videos) may not be observed/enforced at other locations.
New Item Statistical Code
The following item statistical code is now available for use when linking items.
  • Domestic Fiction
Bulk Change Reports
When performing a bulk change to an item record set, a report of the action (including any errors) is created on your computer.  Please note that these reports are NOT saved on the thawdrive.  If you want to save these reports for future reference, you will need to copy/move these reports to a different folder (thaw space, thumb drive, etc.). The pop up at the completion of the bulk change includes the location of the report.
Inline image 1
The location in that message is C:/ProgramData/Polaris/5.0/ItemBulkChangeReport_20160721152044.txt
ItemBulkChangeReport_20160721152044.txt is the name of the txt file which contains the report.  C:/ProgramData/Polaris/5.0/ is the folder which contains the text file.  The final period is just completing the sentence and isn't part of the file name.
If you have any questions or comments, reach out and let us know!  Reply to this email, open a ticket by emailing support@bccls.org, or give us a call.
Have a great day and stay cool!
Trevor D
Trevor Diamond
Integrated Systems Librarian
Hackensack, NJ
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