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P&P 11-09-2016 Minutes

BCCLS Policies and Procedures Committee Meeting

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

BCCLS Office, 10:00 a.m.


Breuer, Coughlin, Danhart, Diamond, DiLeo, Dutta, McCarthy, McMahon, Rando, Reiff, Ruttenber and Sarr

Excused:  Hamer and Perrotta

1.   Meeting was called to order by Jennifer Breuer at 10:03 a.m.

2.   Meeting minutes from October 26, 2016 were reviewed and approved.

      Abstained:  Danhart, DiLeo, McCarthy, Rando and Ruttenber

3.   Correspondence:

          a.  Bulk Loan Requests for Non-Library Book Clubs:

                A bulk loan request is no different from any other online request.  If a library is willing to take responsibility for the books requested by a book club that does not meet in the library it is not an issue.  However, reserving a high demand book for the club might result in a rejected request from other libraries.

4.    Old Business:

          a.  Email Policy:  

               The BCCLS email policy will be updated (pending approval from the Executive Board) to reflect the following change - "Trustees, Friends and other non-employees are ineligible for email accounts."    And "Email access will be terminated when the employee terminates their association with a specific BCCLS member library upon their termination date."    The Procedures for Email Account Management will also be updated.

          b.  Axis 360 Policy - Status:

               No updates.      

          c.  Credit card policy:

               The discussion continued.  Fines on out-of-town items will be credited to the item owning library and, if no processing fee is charged, might result in a loss of revenue.  Infographics prepared by The Technology Committee is a good starting point for directors to begin a conversation with their boards, obtain feedback and answer additional questions.  Need to discover - what portion of the library's budget is fines and how would a credit card affect the library.

          d.  Non-transferable library cards - review draft:

               The policy was reviewed and modified.  It will be submitted to the Executive Board for review in January.

5.   New Business:

          a.  Review Outstanding Items for upcoming Executive Board and System Council meetings:

               1.  New material types and suggested replacement costs.

               2.  Marking an item's value with replacement cost equal to or greater than $100.

               3.  Procedure for moving an item linked to a wrong bib record to uncatalogued.

               4.  Procedure for items linked in violation of BCCLS policies.

          b.  Discuss recommendations for 2017 Committee:

               1.  Continue to work on Axis 360 e-book procedure and policy.

               2.  Credit card policy.

          c.  Any Other New Business:

               1.  Request for a cheat sheet for SkyRiver to highlight the required entries.      

               2.  Ramsey High School sends out emails to request Interlibrary Loans instead of utilizing JerseyCat.  It is at the discretion of the loaning library whether to honor this type of request.

Meeting ended at 11:34 a.m.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10:00 a.m. @ Franklin Lakes Public Library

Respectfully submitted by,

Deepti Dutta



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