Billing Task Force 2017: Assignments & Charges

Billing Task Force 2017 Membership

Dave Franz, Chair Hillsdale
Stephanie Bellucci Cliffside Park
Mimi Hui Hasbrouck Heights
Monica Smith Hawthorne
Terrie McColl New Milford
Kathleen McGrail Upper Saddle River
Samantha McCoy West Caldwell
Marie Coughlin (Eric Lozauskas) BCCLS


  1. Host small group meetings to understand membership concerns.
  2. Develop new models for billing for BCCLS services. New model should be representational (i.e. reflect major BCCLS cost centers such as core services, cataloging support, eContent, etc. on members' bill).
  3. Work with Reciprocity Task Force to determine how reciprocal borrowing should be incorporated into the proposed billing model.
  4. Investigate a la carte services.
  5. Provide ongoing feedback to membership regarding priorities, decisions made, progress etc. in order to build consensus.
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