Collection Development & Reference Committee 2017: Assignments & Charges

Collection Development & Reference Committee 2017 Membership

Julia Nock, Co-Chair Closter
Latricia Markle, Co-Chair Tenafly
William Fischer Bergenfield
Julie Whitehead Dumont
Dawn Petretti-Silvera Glen Ridge
Danielle Cesena Glen Rock
Cathy Folk-Pushee Hackensack
Alexandra Bickel Mahwah
Ina Rimpau Maplewood
Linda Pabian Oradell
Matthew Mitchel Paramus
Molly McKenney Upper Saddle River
Margaret Rose O'Keefe BCCLS
Yumi Choi BCCLS


  1. Continue with Weeding Tips.
  2. Review quantity of items submitted for cataloging, focusing on items that only have one or two owning libraries and multiple functionally equivalent bibliographic records. Determine if these items are a detriment to BCCLS by slowing cataloging workflow and/or adding significant costs to BCCLS cataloging process. Work with Policies & Procedures Committee to recommend or revise policies as necessary.
  3. Mentor libraries in use of Collection HQ, especially those libraries that are slow adopters
  4. Present program on topics related to collection development, such as catalog submissions, ordering quality materials, handling gift donations, self-publishing, weeding, best practices for using Collection HQ and SkyRiver.
  5. Work with Public Relations on a Book Club Leaders workshop.
  6. Review BCCLS cataloging policies and procedures that have a direct impact on public service.
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