Government Relations & Public Policy Committee 2017: Assignments & Charges

Government Relations & Public Policy Committee 2017 Membership

Riti Grover, Chair Ramsey
Stephanie Bellucci Cliffside Park
Anna Coats Livingston
Patti Gandolfini Paramus
Jenifer May Secaucus
Marie Coughlin (Darlene Swistock) BCCLS


  1. In conjunction with NJLA, provide timely information to membership on library legislation 
  2. Work with Trustee Development, Friends and PR Committees to prepare a funding advocacy toolkit so that member libraries can use to help educate their communities about library legislation, formulate best practices for advocating for library funding, and successfully engaging voters to raise funding above ⅓ mill. (Consider NYSL toolkit as a model?)
  3. In conjunction with NJLA, coordinate active participation in Legislative Day on a national, state, county and local level
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