Reciprocity Task Force 2017: Assignments & Charges

Reciprocity Task Force 2017 Membership

Mimi Hui, Chair Hasbrouck Heights
Allison Moonitz Bergenfield
Monica A Smith Hawthorne
Terrie McColl New Milford
Peter Havel Oakland
John Trause Oradell
Len LoPinto Paramus
Judah Hamer Rutherford
Kathleen McGrail Upper Saddle River
Laura Leonard Wyckoff
Eric Lozauskas BCCLS


  1. Identify potential imbalances of service among libraries, including impact of both “walk-in” patrons from neighboring libraries and interlibrary requests. Determine methods to quantify and measure such imbalances.
  2. Identify and recommend compensating factors to offset imbalances as necessary. Provide recommendations for the Billing Task Force, Policies & Procedures and/or System Council to consider as appropriate.
  3. Work with By-Laws Committee to review issues related to unserved municipalities and individuals contracting for library services.
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