Strategic Planning Task Force 2017: Assignments & Charges

Strategic Planning Task Force 2017 Membership

Dave Franz, Chair Hillsdale
Jennifer Breuer Glen Ridge
Amy Babcock-Landry Livingston
Terrie McColl New Milford
Gina Webb-Metz Tenafly
Samantha McCoy West Caldwell
Marie Coughlin BCCLS


  1. Synthesize results of membership surveys and small group meetings in order to identify focus areas that are shared by the majority of members
  2. Develop a list of primary focus areas for the plan, plus a timeline of goals and necessary steps for goal achievement for each focus area
  3. Outline opportunities for future growth such as merging with other consortium or adding new member libraries, or compelling reasons to avoid growth
  4. Outline objectives for capital plans and resources necessary to accomplish these objectives
  5. Compile and publish the final Strategic Plan and introduce the plan to Library Directors
  6. Work with Committee/Task Force chairs to facilitate creation and communication of specific goals and steps
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